Sugar Momma Apps List [ios]


‘Sugar dating with Sugar Mommas’ means getting paid for spending time with older women, such as going out to dinner.

Having dating with older women and get paid is sounds fantastic deal, but you can’t trust all Sugar mommas. There are scammers which pretended be sugar mommas.

Even if you are approached by ‘Sugar Mommas’, don’t trust them easily, exchanging enough messages with them to find out if you can trust them.

Scammers pretending to be ‘Sugar Mommas’ on Instagram or Twitter are dangerous, but with the apps you can report scammers to the customer support team.

This article is an overview of three Sugar Momma apps and one site.

Cougar Dating Mature Women icon
Cougar: Dating Mature Women
Pass for VIP service.

Replying to incoming message is free, so free membership is enough. Not recommended to pay any VIP service. The customer support is unreachable.

It’s pretty high price of subscription, try free function only.

Cougar’s function is similar with Tinder. It’s very easy.

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Cougar: Dating Mature Women
App Store Review Score
Older Women Dating – OlderD
If you are a Sugar Momma, Yes. If you are a Sugar Baby, ‘No’, unless you can rank in the 10 popular guy in 100 people.

Very few men members found a older woman. Not many members yet. There are fake members/bots reviews on App Store.

Whereas Sugar Mommas reviews are mostly positive. OlderD’s customer service is polite and supportive.

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Older Women Dating – OlderD
App Store Review Score
Older Women icon
OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p‬

Negative reviews on App Store are very few.

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OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p‬
App Store Review Score
Cougar Life [Browser only]
If your location is US, Canada, and Australia, then YES.

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Cougar Life is Currently Browser Only , No app on App Store

Cougar: Dating Mature Women

Cougar Dating Mature Women icon
Cougar: Dating Mature Women
App Store


Cougar Features

-View multiple user profiles to quickly find people you are interested in.

-View users’ videos to help you quickly know something about the users.

-Follow the person you like so you can find him quickly.

Cougar Fees

Cougar is free to download.
VIP Subscriptions:
$9.99 for one week
$24.99 for one month
$49.99 for three months

Cougar Pros & Cons


-Cougar has good online reviews and ratings.

-Standard easy to use dating app.

-Use search filters to find your ideal matches.

-VIP subscribers get more features and help get a date faster.


-Some reviews say there are not enough profiles to look at and some profiles are fake.

-The app is relatively new and not that popular in the dating apps.

Cougar Verdict


Try it out if you run out of options. Using a more standard and proven dating app like Tinder will most likely give you more of what you’re looking for. You can find older women and younger men on popular standard dating apps like Tinder. Cougar is not that high up on the dating apps ranking. It might be safer and save you money if you go with the more popular dating apps.

Older Women Dating – OlderD

Older Women Dating – OlderD
App Store



-Search members of OlderD

-Send messages to members


-Premium Service subscription price starts from $9.99/mo


Pros & Cons


-Top cities where OlderD used the most in US: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix,
San Antonio, San Diego, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington, D. C.

-Good ratings and reviews online


-The app is fairly new, it has been around for a year. It’s not a top dating app.


Pass. Stick to the more proven mature women dating apps out there.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p‬

Older Women icon
OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p‬
App Store

Older Women-top2

Older Women Features

-Swipe through profiles to like or dislike individual profiles.

-Fun and easy to use.

-Voice square (A record voice option)

-Live video chat

-Search and chat options

-Filters that help sort profiles

-Anonymous browsing

Older Women Fees

OWD is free to download and use.
Premium subscriptions:
$12.99 for One Week
$29.99 for One Month
$49.99 for 3-Months
$79.99 for 6-Months


Older Women Pros & Cons


-Good online reviews and ratings

-Premium accounts are moderately priced


-The app is not top rated in dating apps

Older Women Verdict

Older Women-top

It’s a standard dating app, it doesn’t really stand out but it’s a good option if you have bad experience with the more top rated dating apps.

Cougar Life [Browser only]

www.cougarlife.com [currently Browser only , No app on App Store ]

Cougar Life Features

-Access to private photo exchange. You will be able to share photos with people who have similar

-The option to find a date in your area. Manage your profile and settings to prioritize who you want to meet.

-Chat in real time.

-Send and receive gifts through the app.

-Priority messaging. The VIP list ensures your messages are highlighted and go right to the top of their inbox.

-Advanced search option.

Cougar Life Fees

Download the Cougar Life App for free.
There are two subscription choices available within the app:
1 month subscription: $49.99
3 month subscription: $99.99

All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD) and may vary in countries outside the U.S.


Cougar Life Pros& Cons



-It’s 100% FREE to use for women.

-Good media coverage. Cougar LIfe has been featured by outlets such as Playboy, Fox News, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.


-The app is not free for guys and it is quite pricey to join.

-Mixed online reviews and ratings.

Cougar Life Verdict


Not recommended because of mixed reviews and the app being pricey to join. The media coverage was from a few years ago so the app may have been popular at the time.