OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Review

What is Cougar means?
Cougar is a mature woman who is looking for love relationship, friendship, and even marriage with a young man.

App Store

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p is owned by SuccessfulMatch company who also runs multiple dating services such as MillionarieMatch and BiCupid.com. Its headquarter is currently in Canada.


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has been running since 2004, although their sign says since 2007 which is very strange.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p is currently available in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. English is the only available language. They offer a website service as well as app services both on Apple’s OS devices as well as Google/Android.

I contacted the customer service, and they say that OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com are the same cougar dating matching service.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Verdict


As a free member on OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p, people need to be active to get some attention from cougars. (Unlike some other cougar dating apps, there have been no initiative contacts from any cougars. Personally, I used the same photo and I often get a lot of attention from cougars within new days of joining without sending any winks.)

Cougars are also not as active as others on competing cougar dating sites/ services.

In order to get some results, people need to send winks and leave comments on cougars profiles.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p is very easy to navigate and join but its member quality is not as high as other cougar services.

Since members have to pay for a lot of features, there is less confusion from young sugar babies who joined by mistake.

Without being proactive to find a date, it would not be easy to make contacts via OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Users’ Variety


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has an interesting user variety, there is enough racial diversity and age range; however, they do not share a lot of information. Some of the profiles do not come across as they are experienced cougars.

Moreover, premium members also do not share much information about themselves.


Some paying members do not come across as wealthy cougars. Sharing their kids’ photos on sugar dating sites is not appropriate.

This variety can be differ depending on the location.

How to join OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up (from PC)


People can join this service from many devices such as PC or mobile devices. People can join using their Facebook account or sign up using an email as usual.

It is very simple and easy.



First, users have to pick who you are and who you are looking for. If you are a male, you are referred to as a “cub” and you would seek a “cougar”.

People need to put age and an email address, and also agree to T&C by putting a tick in the box.


Then you need to put a First name (which will not be open to the public) and pick an username (which will be open to the public), of course, usual usernames are all taken so need to be creative here.

Then lastly, a password. After this process, personally, I had a difficulty and I had to repeat this process again. The second attempt was successful.

After this, you can upload a photo. They are not picky about a profile photo. There are several interesting profile photos on this service.


You need to create a line for yourself, this will appear next to your profile.


Some more information about yourself would be needed, but this part would be changeable and editable later from the profile.


You need to write about what you are looking for in your matches. This part is also editable later from the profile.


Your email has to be verified, go to your email and click their link.


This is the main page. Now, people can browse cougars. It is very simple.


This is a profile page, a user can have a detailed profile on OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p. The profile can be accessed from the profile picture on the top right hand corner.


You can verify your photo, which would get more interest from cougars. You can get the verified badge by sending your ID.


Setting can be accessed from the profile picture.

People can change and access many basic information. As well as blocking other members.


From membership, people can disable or delete an account.
This is password protected so make sure you have your password to change some setting information.


Free users can not send any messages, only premium members can do so.
Users can get in touch with OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p via this message service. Users can also report other members.

The top right corner, there is the chat sign and premium members can join the live chat with other members.

How to make contact (from PC)


As a free member, to make contacts on OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p is limited. Free users can send winks to cougars, and hope for that they would make an initial move by sending a message.


Another way would be that from Community on the top bar menu, users can find SPARK, which is similar to other dating apps, users can click like or skip. SPARK would generate other users by location thus those cougars are nearby. So go to their profiles.


Cubs (male sugar babies) can leave some comments for cougars and hoping that cougars would get in touch. Free members can not send initial messages to others.

Unique Feature

Spark is one of OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p’s unique features.


From community tap on the top users can access to few more interesting services.


However, their community activities are not so recent and active. Their competitors have much more communities’ activities.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Membership


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has subscription service plans. The subscription offers a lot of benefits such as being featured so your profile would show up more in feeds, which will increase chances to get noticed by cougars, also, users can actually make contacts by sending messages, as well as access to live chat service.


Users can pay using credit cards, from the app, people can pay through their app’s accounts.

Often, sugar dating services do not charge sugar babies to pay for memberships. This service is rare.


It is usual practice that 1month membership renews automatically, thus it is important to cancel manually. This can be done vertically or in person.

Social Media Activities

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has usual usual social media accounts. Some have very healthy activities.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Facebook


They are posting regularly on their facebook account. They have a lot of followers. Their posts sometimes have a lot of comments as well.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Twitter


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has very limited Twitter activities. They are connecting to a Youtube account which has a very few contents about sugar dating.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Pinterest

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p has very limited Pinterest activities. This is understandable, Pinterest is less popular.


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Instagram


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p’s Instagram is not showing anything at this moment. This is a bit disappointing, since Instagram is the most popular social media site.


OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p’s iOS App is developed by Chinese developer from the name. It has been regularly updated.

App Store

Customers are leaving surprising positive reviews. Although, the number of reviews is not greater compared to other cempeiditros.

People can use their usernames and password to log into the app if you already have them by signing up via their website.

OWD Android App

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p’s Android App has 18 over age restriction.


It has about 6000+ reviews and surprisingly again, they are mostly positive reviews. Some of the reviews are recent as well, which could mean that there are active users on the service.

This app is also regularly updated to manage bugs and glitches.

How to delete an account OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p


People need to go to the Membership section, select Disable Account and at the bottom there is the “delete account” option.


Users can get their accounts back within 6 months. However, after that, they are deleted permanently.