OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p Scammer Review

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OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com are the same cougar dating matching service. It is owned by SuccessfulMatch company based in Canada.

They are mainly targeting English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

They mostly get positive reviews in App Stores.

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OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com scammer research

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This cougar has the most number of photos on her profile. Her profile is believable but she does not disclose her income status. She gets little attention from cubs by getting about 35 comments.

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This cougar gives a very ordinary person vibe with a nice catchy line.

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Like a lot of cougars on this site, this cougar does not share any income information. She must be a successful entrepreneur to enjoy sugar dating comfortably.

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Her profile looks legit, with a filtered profile photo, but there is no information about her finance, other sugar dating sites, income information is the most important information to attract a good match.

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A profile with a wonderful photo, but she only gets 1 comment from the cab.

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Out of many profiles, this profile is one of few profiles with an actual figure of income. Although it is not such a high figure. Also it is puzzling that she does not have a profession/job?

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This cougar has nice professionally taken profile photos, she does give out a proper sugar mamma vibe.

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She also has an actual income figure which is believable to be a cougar comfortably.

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Another very plain profile with a plain profile photo.

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An interesting profile with 4 people in a profile photo?
This profile is a paid account, it could be 4 people sharing an account.

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Another interesting body part profile photo, this is also a premium account with 0 comment from cabs. It is very unpleasant to see this kind of image, even if it’s real or not real.

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This cougar attracts a lot of attention from cabs. She has over 200 comments on her comment board. She has a nearly full profile which stands out because most of profiles are empty.

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This is a fake account, the photo is the dancer/social media personal Kalani Hilliker, she is American. OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com is allowing their users to use famous person’s photos. Some other services are using AI to detect this kind of activity.

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I also researched a professional looking photo from a profile but this photo was not a stock or model photo.

A lot of photos on this site are not professionally taken. A lot of photos are disappointingly low quality.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com scammer online review

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p / Olderwomendating.com, there are not many reviews online, especially review sites. Only the app stores have reviews.

Apple App Store Review

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Reviews on Apple App store are mainly positive, some of course reporting that there are scammers roaming around the site.
Free sites are often difficult places to NOT encounter scammers.

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This is a warning message from a user. However, this is over 2 years old.

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There are reports of some fake accounts, scammers and bots operations

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This is another worrying review regarding reporting people on the service.

Google Play Review

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Some of the negative reviews are issues with bugs and sign in problems.

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This review with a verifying issue gets 21 thumb ups.

OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com scammer Verdict

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Google Play

There are definitely fake accounts amongst OWD: Cougar Dating Hook Up Ap‪p and Olderwomendating.com. Their loose regulation makes fake users create accounts easily.

Some premium profiles have very strange photos and nearly 0 activities.

There are not a lot of activities on this site to begin with thus there are less concerns for scammers who would approach people.

As being a cab, it is wise to wait to pay for the premium membership. First, they can be proactive to sending winks and leaving comments on cougars profiles. Then they should see your area would have enough cougars.

More users means more scammers, this is an online sugar dating service after all. Users have to be always cautious sharing any personal information.