Dangers of Sugar Mommy Dating|Earning Money from a Sugar Mommy


Sugar daddy dating is a popular term and it has it’s own community built upon it. On the other hand, Sugar Mommy Dating or Cougar Dating is less well-known and there aren’t a lot of guidelines on it.

In reality, even if you may not know, there are many apps and websites created for sugar mommy Dating.

By using the dating app or website, you can find a sugar mommy and go on a meal date with a sugar mommy. There is also the opportunity to receive allowance just by spending time with Sugar Mommies too.

By becoming a sugar baby, you can earn more money in a short amount of time rather than working part-time jobs.

This article is targeted towards the male audience, discussing about websites and apps that can be used to join sugar mommy dating. We will also talk about tips and tricks when finding and dating a sugar mommy.

If you are interested in dating a sugar mommy, please continue to read this article.


First and foremost, in the sugar mommy dating industry, the average allowance approximately $40-$50 per hour.

There are also men who work in host clubs that are involved in cougar dating. Depending on the person, they can earn up to a few hundred million yen per month.

$40 per hour is not an amount that can be earned from a normal part time job. From an economical view point, cougar dating can be an advantage because a normal company employee can also earn $40 easily too.

On top of that, sugar mommies who are involved in this industry are usually financially well off. Usually, they flourish in their careers such as being in managerial positions in businesses.

If you think of it, being a sugar baby isn’t just about earning money but also gaining advice from sugar mommies in order to achieve your future dreams.

Mobile App Recommendations for Male Sugar Babies!


Undeniably, there are not many sites to be recommended for those who are interested in Sugar Mommy Dating.

But, it is important to do research and be careful with the websites that you’re using. If you accidentally use the wrong app, not only are you unable to be a sugar baby, you might end up being treated as a joke in real life if your private information and identity gets exposed.



Website and App Unsuitable for Sugar Mommy Dating

Matching Apps for committed relationships

Dating apps that are specialized for committed relationships are unsuitable for Sugar Mommy Dating.

Most of the targeted users are there to find their soulmates and most of the girls do not have the financial power to afford a sugar baby.

Your messages will be ignored and your account may end up getting reported and suspended.

It would be advised to not go on serious dating websites if you are looking for a sugar mommy. Besides that, it is hard to find people who are rich on free dating apps such as Tinder.

Free Social Medias, Forum

Besides dating apps, there are also free to use social networking sits and online forums.
There are different types of websites, some do not require registration or identity checking.
This type of websites are usually unsafe and uncivilized, therefore there will be very few female users. This can also be thought of as, women who have a high social standing in society will not be inclined to use this type of websites.

How to be a Sugar Baby?

First, find an older woman who is interested in being a Sugar Mommy


Start searching for older women who are interested in being a sugar mommy by using the filter function. If you are using apps specialized for cougar dating, you can skip the filter step.


When meeting up for the first time, let them know that you’re interested in being a sugar baby.


If you are not using an app just for Cougar Dating, it is important to let them know about your intentions of wanting a sugar mommy on the first meet-up.

In order to not look intentional, it is important to give a charismatic appeal by aligning your intentions of being a sugar baby with your future dreams.

For example you can say things such as,
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m aiming to be an actor so I have been taking acting lessons.”

“I’m currently working as a hairstylist. I’m training right now and dream of owning my own salon in the future.”

It is recommended to convey this type of messages when making a self-introduction. This will help to filter away women who are not interested in Cougar Dating. It doesn’t have to be limited to personal dreams, you can also write about wanting to have the opportunity to talk with mature women.


A successful Cougar Dating is only after you meet!

After agreeing to meet with your Sugar Mommy, anyone would feel anxious and nervous. However, you have barely started Sugar Mommy Dating just by making an appointment to meet-up. As a sugar baby, it is important to receive allowance and meet continuously after the first meet-up.


Healing words for older women

It is a good start in the beginning even if you just get to meet them. But in order for the arrangement to continue, as a sugar baby, it is important to be a healing person and provide comforting words for you sugar mommy.

Sugar mommies do not receive healing words or comfort on a daily basis. Therefore, they will be more willing to give you allowance and meet-up more in the future.

First and foremost, it is important to take time and understand what your partner wants. It is impossible to be a sugar baby on the long-term by just being handsome.


Understand and Empathize Women


From the male perspective, a sugar mommy may give the impression of being an older woman. But it is important to treat them like a lady.

It is important to observe her emotions and see if she’s going through a tough time, or if she appears to be happy. This is the key to becoming a successful sugar baby.

When her drink is empty, you should ask her “Do you want anything to drink?”. If she looks tired, it’s important to show that you care by asking her “Are you doing fine?”. All of these are basic things that a sugar baby should be aware of.


Prioritizing and listening to the woman

You may end up talking about yourself from an older woman’s inclusiveness, but when dating a sugar mommy, it is important to listen to her speak.

If the person you’re talking to is a woman, it is important to not talk over her and engage in conversations with her. Besides that, it is important to avoid talking about sugar dating in order to make your sugar mommy feel more comfortable with you.

Beware of Sugar Mommy scams! Common tricks used on Sugar Babies

Even in the cougar dating industry, there are cases of scamming male sugar babies. Beware that some sugar babies have lost money instead of receiving allowance from their sugar mommies.



Inviting men to high-class places suitable for sugar dating

When you match with a potential sugar mommy, there are cases where they invite you to message on another website instead. If the website you have been directed to is a famous dating app or suspicious website, it may potentially charge you expensive membership fees. In the case of a famous matching app, there is a high possibility that it is an affiliation. The user is scamming sugar babies to get commission by attracting new users. On the other hand, it is important to be aware of suspicious websites who are managed by unknown companies, or do not disclose their number of members. When you are talking to someone on a sugar mommy website, it is recommended to ignore messages with suspicious requests.


Suspicious dating requirements

There are cases of sugar mommies asking for a contract fee for the first time, referring to it as a deposit. For a sugar mommy who is rich, asking for a contract fee is a weird thing to do.
It is safer to not engage with “Sugar Mommies” who are asking for a deposit fee from men. Sugar babies should consider using another website for a safer experience, keeping in mind that men do not pay first in cougar dating.


Cougar Dating is not easy, but it is beneficial

The process of finding a sugar mommy itself is not an easy process. But, if you manage to have a successful arrangement, you can gain a valuable experience and advice that money can’t buy. If you are slightly interested in Cougar Dating, please download some apps and try it out.


What are the characteristics of Sugar Mommies?

• They are usually above 40 years old.
• They are born from a rich household, usually working as a careerwoman or businessman.
• For short-term sugar mommies, they are usually divorcees who have gotten a lot of consolation money.


An interview with a Sugar Mommy with 4 years of experience




Tell us about the reason why you’ve decided to be a sugar mommy, the experience of sugar dating and et cetera.



I decided to become a sugar mommy after divorcing at 41 years old and thought that it might be a good choice to remarry. Since I am managing a company, I do have some extra money. In my case, I usually pay for sugar babies who are 20-25 years old. But, there are also sugar mommies who can accept ages up to 35 years old. As you get older, the more negotiable and lower the allowance will be. Like girls, there is a preference towards younger sugar babies.

You think that sugar mommies are old women who can’t meet men without paying? Big mistake!
Because sugar mommies are paying allowance, even rookie idols or models, former hosts will want to be a sugar baby.
There are very few sugar mommies on dating apps to begin with, so out of 20 people, 10 will receive applications from sugar babies.

So, among men who are willing to be sugar babies,
• There will be about 5~15 applicants, and 5 top picks will be chosen and ranked 1 to 3.
• Age, appearance and communication skills will be prioritized.

This is usually not known to men who are new and want to try sugar mommy dating.
If there are no attractive men or the sugar mommy isn’t into any of them, they will find a new batch of potential sugar babies.

It is a misconception to think that you are chosen to be a sugar baby just by chatting. Out of 10 to 20 people, 2 to 3 will be chosen as candidates. Just like going out shopping, women will browse several shops as candidates before settling and choosing one.

Sugar mommies will not pick men who are too eager to partake in sexual activities. Just like a woman in her 20s, sugar mommies will usually pick the attractive guys with a cool and refreshing image. Sugar mommies are not looking for sex, but instead someone who can make her heart throb like she’s in love. It is rare to find these type of guys, that’s why it’s expensive.

Currently, I am a sugar mommy for a striking young man. Even in my early 20s, I have always loved attractive looking young man. I understand that sugar mommies have the image of being men-hungry old ladies, but the truth is that I really dislike men besides the attractive ones.

Just like being a host, only few can succeed in the industry. Do you think that you have what it takes to be selected from a group of debuting idols and models? If that’s not the case, regardless of your age or how young you are, the chances of being a sugar baby is 99% impossible.

There are too many wrong assumptions about Cougar Dating. If a sugar mommy writes on their bio, “I will pick anyone as my sugar baby! (Picking randomly)”. There is a high chance that they are looking for something sexual, or that they may be scam artists to advertise or lure innocent people, not real sugar mommy. So, please be aware of that.