Cougar Life Customer Service Review |Sugar Mom Dating

In Cougar Life, there are various types of support service so that it might get you in confusion. They are not exclusively a little intricate but need to configure how to deal when you are in trouble.


In this article, we are going to scrutinize whether Cougar Life Customer Service works well or not.

Platform of the Cougar Life Support Service

To begin with, I will guide you to the contact form.


#1. Tap “More”


#2. Scroll down and find “Privacy Policy” in “Support”section
#3. Tap “Privacy Policy”



#4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page


#5. Find “Contact Us” marked blue.


#6. Complete
Here, you can ask anything you doubt or so.



Is it working?

Some people would doubt if it works well. It is not surprising because some customer services in other dating apps / sites technically exist but in practical don’t work. Sadly, I also have experienced like the situation and for a very limited times I have ever got trapped by TECHNICALLY-EXISTING Customer service.


In here, I actually have sent three messages to the customer service.
The one is for a problem of “Site Features”, and the two are for a problem of “Technical Support”.






At the bottom of the platform where you can send any messages to the support service.


As you can see, there are three options relying on the region: North America, Australia and UK. That being said, if you were out of these three places, you only have to send messages on the support service not by calling. As a matter of fact, this geographical separation correlates to the population of Cougar Life and gender proportion because this is founded by Ruby Life company in Toronto, Canada.


Cougar Life Customer Support Phone#

North America 1-877-740-3176
Australia 1-800-260-382
UK 808-189-6069


I actually had a problem that when I had tried to narrow women into my limited interests but the consequence doesn’t pop up on the screen. So I decided to send these types of messages. If you were in the three region where you can call and were hurry to solve problems, I highly recommend you to call at these numbers linearly.


As a result of what I sent three messages to the support center, I received ONE response from Cougar Life.




Cougar Life is giving a priority to the three region: North America, Australia and New Zealand, let alone is terminating the service to out of the three. If you were not to live in these areas, you wouldn’t relish Cougar Life well. As a matter of fact, active users are mainly in these areas.


Active Users

Monthly Average Nov.2019-Apr.2020

US 221,559
Canada 27,265
Australia 7,718
UK 2,451
India 2,169

Besides, it has taken 3 business days until reception of the response. The style wasn’t felt criticism but soft because some customer service wouldn’t even respond.