Older Women Dating – OlderD Customer Service Reviews

Older Women Dating – OlderD

Older Women Dating – OlderD is a new free iOS app (with optional additional purchase in app) for cougar dating, mainly in a few big cities in America.

The app is somehow very puzzling because there are some interesting users in this app as well as there are very few reviews online. It is impossible to find out any positive or negative sides of this app.

Older Women Dating – OlderD Customer Service Verdict


OlderD Customer Service is surely not existing or in operation. They have not replied to any feedback and email enquiries.

They also do not have any single activities online replaying reviews. OlderD does not have a lot of negative or positive reviews online thus this is not unusual.

It is safe to say that they do not have any legit customer Service representatives.

This is clear that it would be very difficult to get in touch with Older Women Dating – OlderD Customer Service.

How to get in touch with Older Women Dating – OlderD customer service

People are able to get in touch with the app operator outside of the app using this email address [email protected].


The app users can get in touch with them from Setting and by clicking “feedback”.


People can type in their enquiries, questions and of course feedback.

OlderD customer service – email contact


Since there is not much information available on their website, I personally contacted them directly using the address which was given.

After 4 days of waiting, there has not been a single reply from them.

This comes with no surprise, there is no presence of their customer representative online.

There has not been a single reply to reviews online either.

OlderD customer service – in app contact


Personally, I sent a few feedbacks regarding different matters.


Two of them were about how to delete an account because there is no sign in the app to delete the account.


I also reported that there are so many users who are sharing their personal contacts out in the open.


Although all feedback got this” thanks” acknowledgement, there was no reply from the app operator.

OlderD customer service – online presence


Appfollow is the only site which has a review of this app.


There is no single comment from customer representatives, replying reviews is quite common amongst online dating app services.