Older Women Dating – OlderD Scammer Review

Older Women Dating – OlderD

Older Women Dating – OlderD is an iOS app which was launched in 2019. Their latest update was summer of 2020. This app is not looked after or monitored well.

There is very little information about this developer and there are not a lot of reviews about this app online.

Older Women Dating – OlderD Scammer Research Verdict


There are some interesting users on Older Women Dating – OlderD.

There would be some scammers but they would be quite obvious, users can see this by wording on messages.

There are no fake activities by the app operator since people exchanging their outside contact so openly, there is no need to sign up for upgrade as long as a user have a nice appealing photo.

Scammer Search

Users Survey

User 1.


This cougar seems legit, the right age and occupation to enjoy sugar dating. However, this app is for sugar dating, not to find a lifetime relationship as she states here.


Her profile photo was not a stock photo. This show that this profile is less likely a fake.

User 2.


This very attractive user is a model, however, her photo does not appear in google image search.


Her location is unknown, she is stating that she is “Native American” that is very interesting. She is a gorgeous 31 years old actress who is looking for a lifetime relationship in a cougar dating app. It is very strange.

User 3.


This cougar profile looks very authentic. Her age and occupation are very believable with her profile picture.

User 4.


She might be a sugar baby instead of being a cougar. She is a very attractive 24 year old with very limited information.


Her photo is authentic. The image search did not hit anything apart from similar photos.

User 5.


It is a very cute but interesting profile picture. This shows that Older Women Dating – OlderD does not have any AI or monitoring system regarding profiles. People can join with any photos. This user may have created a browsing account.

User 6.


This user has a nice profile but with not much information.


Her photo is legit because her photo did not hit anything on the image search. But it was suggested as an “online dating service”. This is very interesting.

User 7.


This is another very attractive user profile. It is very new and less detailed as some others.

User 8.


It is a very inappropriate profile photo for a sugar dating app. It is very strange to use a family photo to attract sugar boys. She is a military personnel with low moral standards.

User 9.


This is one of few valid profiles. She is the right age and her occupation is also suitable for sugar dating. She is looking for sugar boys to chat online. This profile is the most believable one of all.

User 10.


This user may be a sugar baby, she might have made a mistake. She is too young to be a sugar mama. Her profession is also unusual for being a cougar. She shares her number on the profile, this would be a very dangerous thing to do. Or she could be a scammer who is waiting for some contacts from a sugar daddy??


She states that she is an artist, but her photo does not match with any artists.

User 11.


It is a very interesting profile. She is a retired female with a very reasonable and believable photo. She does not look like a cougar but a nice grandmother.

User 12.


She is Canadian. This shows some members are non-American (or based outside of the targeted cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Washington, D. C.)

She also shares her private information on her public profile. This might be the result of her desperation or she might have an agenda.

Common Users

It is very common on this app to share their outside contact details.


On” Moment” section, people are leaving their contact information out in the open.


This comment section is full of personal information and everyone is quite casual about getting in touch with others outside of this app.


There are some users who mistakenly think that this app to meet sugar babies, they are also very open about their personal information.

Scammer Contact


New users would come across a lot of similar messages like this. A very clear financial incentive offer with a personal contact information. This can be a scam, since the wordings are very similar.

Older Women Dating – OlderD Online Review


Older Women Dating – OlderD has very limited 62 reviews on the app store which are not really helpful or detailed.

Readers can not learn much from those reviews. This is a bit worrisome but over all, this app has positive reviews.

There are no reports online about scammers operating on this app.