[Lumen became part of Bumble Nov 2020] Is Lumen a safe dating app?


Lumen became part of Bumble Nov.23rd in 2020.
Lumen had no scammers, and it was a very good app. Unfortunately, Lumen had not increase users much.

Some Lumen users had flowed to Bumble.

What is Lumen?


Lumen is one of the first dating application that is specifically targeted towards users who are 50 years old and older. Mainstream dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble, users usually in the 20-30 year old spectrum may have deterred elder users from trying out dating apps. In addition to that, dating services for the elder group is usually via websites or matchmaking agencies. Lumen is comparatively easier and more convenient to use, along with the fact that it can be accessed easily via smartphone.

Is Lumen legitimate?

One of Lumen’s main motto of the app is to allow users to make meaningful conversations with each other. For example, free users are only allowed to engage in 6 conversations per day and messages directly sent by users will only last for 7 days if they are not replied to. These features are implemented by the company as a catalyst for users to catalyse meaningful connections and sparks. Which hopefully will end up as a happy ending.

Albeit being a newly created dating platform, Lumen is backed up by well-known investors are experienced. For example, creator of Bumble, Badoo and Chappy, Andrey Andeev has invested +4.5million in the app. Thus, users can expect more special features to improve user experience and app expansion for a wider range of usable regions.

Within the first 6 months of Lumen’s release in the United Kingdom, there has been around 250,000 users on the app. On the other hand, in Ireland and Australia the new startup in the latter country has gained an approximate of 20,000 users. It can be seen that Lumen is slowly gaining momentum in their success with abundant amount of funds to promote and advertise the app to a wider audience and new countries. Lumen is an extremely good opportunity for those who have longing for companionship in their later years of life.

Is Lumen Safe?

Yes, Lumen is safe. As written on the app description, profiles on Lumen are 100% verified. The creators of Lumen has implemented a system where 3 photos of the users themselves have to be presented and verified by an AI system. Moreover, users are required to take a selfie with their phone to be verified by the system. The selfie and photos uploaded will then be scanned and compared. Users who do not follow the user guidelines and policies are unable to use the app. This helps to reduce the amount of fake accounts and catfishing cases in order to create a safe environment for users.


For example, a user’s photo must be clearly visible and matches the uploaded photos. When a photo stock image taken from google image was used, it was detected by Lumen and the account was unable to be used as it was against user guidelines. A real photo had to be provided in order to continue to use the app.
Besides that, users are required to verify their accounts and may be asked to provide their phone numbers. A third party provider for account verification will keep the user’s phone number for 90 days for fraud identification purposes.

Additionally, restrictions as to the number of messages that can be sent is not only to stimulate meaningful connections, but also to prevent spam. This way, user discomfort from spamming messages can be stopped.

Will your privacy information be leaked?

Data collected by Lumen on users are done on a legal basis with the user’s interest being kept in mind. Lumen collects user data for legitimate business purposes such as fraud prevention and to enhance user’s safety and security. Once your account has been deleted, user information will be deleted or anonymize.
But, there is no 100% guarantee that unauthorized access, breaches, hacking or data loss will not occur but Lumen has put up preventative measures in order to ensure the safety of users. Users are encouraged to keep their passwords safe and log out of their account.

What is the dating pool like?

The core idea of Lumen is to create a social networking platform for the elderly generation. Thus, the community is limited to only people who are 50 years old and above.
The company itself is also open and encouraging of the community, opening up opportunities for people ages 50 and above to take part in their ambassador program, ‘Lumen Ambassador Program’. This helps to raise awareness to the older group that there is no shame in trying to find true love together with the help of technology.


Overall User Feedbacks

App Store

The overall user feedback can be quite positive as Lumen’s user interface is easily understandable, users with premium membership are able to filter and select their preferences. The community is fairly welcoming and warm as mentioned by several users with high satisfaction.

On the other hand, there are certain tweaks that should be considered by the developers in order to provide better service. For example, users are dissatisfied with the lack of settings to adjust the distance of location. Besides that, due to the app being newly released and targeted towards a specific age group, the dating circle may be smaller in contrast to other dating apps. Thus, it may be harder to find a match varying by user location.

Google Play

Free membership provides basic features but may be quite limiting. For a better dating experience, users may be advised to opt for the premium membership instead.


Lumen is an app that is worth trying for especially for those in their prime 50’s and above. Users won’t have to filter through mainstream dating apps in order to find people of their age group, neither do they need to go to a matchmaking event or company for help. Lumen has a lot of potential and room for improvement, especially in regards to slight bugs and new features to be implemented to improve usability and user satisfaction. Users may start to have more choices and profiles to pick from once the company expands and increases their marketing and advertisements to attract more users.

The founder seems trustful.