Bumble Scammer Analysis



This female friendly dating site has unique functions such as matches are only visible to female members and matches are available to be acted on for only 24 hours.


They are keeping its members busy during this pandemic by offering a special filter and a virtual contracting tool.


They are also quick to act on social treads and support different social groups:  racial minorities and LGBTQ.


According to Forbes Bumble “ has since grown to more than 55 million users in 150 countries and that almost 1 billion women have made the first move by messaging other users.”
Forbes (May 10, 2019)

How many of 55 million members are legit?





Bumble needs a mobile/cell phone number or an Apple account or a Facebook account to join. They also check a profile photo strictly and reject ones which are not suitable.


According to The Times, famous actress Sharon Stone joined the service but her account was deleted because other members reported it as a fake account.
The Times (Dec 31, 2019)






With those rules, scammers are not easy to operate on bumble compared to some other dating sites where members can join with no photos but with just an email address.






Bumble offers a simple profile template. This is because all initial matches are made by the first impressions. Members are able to get to know each other by messaging after the initial contact.






This member has a professional photo, thus I checked it by google image search. I ended up finding his real identity. This is because he used the same picture for his real account. This is not a wise choice. 


It is very important to keep your true identity until you make a secure contact with an individual who is trustworthy on online dating platforms.


Personal information is very valuable. Protect it for yourself!!


There are many diverse members: racially, professionally, and age group wise. This is also depending on where you live. Bumble matches people based on the location. 






Diverse cities would offer a great variety. However, remote locations would not give the same results. Some reviews reported that their matches were too far away.






Premium members are presented as genuine members because their profile pictures are authentic.






There are some profiles where members are sharing “couple” like photos on their profile, which is interesting for a dating site.






This member also has a professional looking photo; however, it did not come with any result via google image search. We can definitely see that he has Scottlish connection.






There are many interesting occupations on bumble, this is the one of them. He is a beekeeper!

Bumble App Store Review

App Store




There are some reports of female scammer accounts on bumble. It is understandable since this site operates women friendly. They can only see matches thus easy to scam other male members by contacting them. (male can not make any contacts. Unless they are looking for the same gender relationship. )




There is a praise for the customer service for looking out for scammers and acting on removing them swiftly. 


Male members need a bit patient to find matches. But this app is free to use thus people need to do some research.


It is advisable to do good research for scammers before joining any dating platforms.


There is a lot of  information out there.


Bumble Scammer Analysis Conclusion




Bumble is much safer for heterosexual women who are looking for a date. There would be much less chance to come across scammers. The reason would be very simple, it’s due to this app’s operation that females have more privileges.


Female members are more likely to come across enough super swipe opportunities to get some matches with members who paid for this service. They are more serious about finding a date and they have genuine profile.


This app would work greatly in large diverse cities but it would not work well in remote areas which is a common problem for any dating apps.


Due to Covid-19, legit members are making contacts via video calls for virtual meeting experience. This also prevents scammers from coming into contact. Bumble actually has been experiencing more activities after the pandemic, thus there are more chances to meet someone using bumble.