Tinder Pros and Cons!


Tinder uses location data to help you meet people near you. It is one of the most popular dating apps.

However, Tinder has disadvantages.

To avoid regretting your decision to use Tinder, let’s check out the disadvantages.


Tinder Basic Knowledge

Tinder is a dating app to meet in your neighborhood.
Profiles show up based on distance, it’s very convenient to meet someone near you.


Tinder is easy to use, as nearby members randomly displayed based on their location, so just swipe you like or not.

You can exchange messages if you’ve matched with someone on Tinder.
Tinder is a casual dating app. ‘Matching’ is not that difficult.

When you unmatched someone, they won’t show up again in your match list and you’ll disappear from theirs.

Active Users

Tinder is the second most active dating app in the world with the most active users.

Monthly Traffic [Mar-Sep, 2020]

Badoo and Tinder are apps with an order of magnitude more active users, both free basic function, both have a global presence.


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Tinder has spread users all over the world include Asia.
Badoo has a large number of Europe and US users, but not popular in Asia.

Why use Tinder? Advantages of Tinder

Match Group is running Tinder


Tinder is operated by Match Group, one of the world’s largest matchmaking service company.
They have many other services in addition to Tinder.
No need to worry about your personal information being taken out.

Free for Everyone

One of the biggest advantages of using Tinder is that it’s free to use.

Many dating apps has subscription, but Tinder is possible to meet with someone for free.

Tinder Other Dating Apps
Message Free Paid Members Only

While the majority of other dating apps charge for sending messages, You can send messages on Tinder for free, which means you meet women without spending money.


Another advantage of Tinder is that you can connect with people who live within a few miles to 10 miles.

Other dating apps, you can only see where the person lives on their profile. And some of them are self-declared and don’t have the truth on their profiles.
Tinder allows you to see how close they are to you.

I’ve used Tinder myself to meet people while traveling.

Good Looking Members


Women members of Tinder are mainly in the 20s. Majority of Tinder users are men, aged 30s to early 40s men were most likely to use Tinder.
Users over 65 age are almost zero.

Basically, they judge by profile pictures only.
You have to set up a good profile picture.
Actually, many members are Good Looking on Tinder Profiles.

Swipe Night is So Much Fun!

Swipe Night is a content of Tinder, like a game.
They show you a story, and the storyline is designed to play out differently depending on your choices.

When a story of Swipe Night ends, your ending will be displayed on your profile.
It’s more chance to get new matches and have conversations with members.

YouTube Channel: Tanmay Bhat

Some people sign up for Tinder because they want to play Swipe Night.

Disadvantages of using Tinder

No age verification or identification on Tinder.
It’s easy to register with fake profiles.
In fact, there are many scammers.

However, there are many dating apps not to have age verification.

Tinder Other Dating Apps
No Age verification Required No Age verification Required

Some people are registered with the intention of selling something. There are also offers of pyramid business.

It’s hard to tell if those kind of ‘business purpose’ members on Tinder. They look rich on their profile pictures, or talk about their investments on messages.

There are Married Members

Many married people is using on Tinder. They are mostly looking for ‘hook up.’

In fact, I was once matched with a married woman in her early 30s who told me in a message that she was married. I just went through with it.

Post your Tinder profile on Twitter

Some people posted thier profile of Tinder on Twitter, which is a pretty good idea.

Should you use Tinder after all?

Tinder is free to use. There are privilege functions if you pay for premier membership.
However, even free members can use the most of basic functions for meeting people.


Tinder is well worth using.

Many people on Tinder are looking for casual dating, affairs, or killing time.
There are plenty of people spend time every day on Tinder swipes. It’s because that much fun.

It’s better to use Tinder and one more serious dating app if you’re looking for a long term partner.