SLOWLY Scammer Report


SLOWLY is a unique geosocial networking app originally developed by Hongkongers Kevin Wong Ho-yin and JoJo Chan Sau-wun. This app offers a novel twist on messaging, where messages can be sent just once, giving users a taste of the traditional penpal experience. What makes Slowly stand out is the time it takes for your message to reach its destination, which varies based on the geographical distance. Current operational location seems to be in London, UK.

SLOWLY Scammer Verdict

People can encounter scammers on any online platform, SLOWLY would naturally have them, since it is a free service to join and use. The essence of SLOWLY lies in taking time to get connected with others. This inherently deters scammers who prefer quick, impersonal schemes. However, advancement of AI created letter writing processes to be quick and easy, thus they are facing those AI users.

However, SLOWLY boasts an active and vigilant community on Reddit which is run and monitored by one of the operative members , dedicated to addressing potential scams. If users ever find themselves suspicious of a correspondence, they can turn to this community for guidance and support, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

SLOWLY User Variety

It is very hard to tell who really the users of SLOWLY. This is because all of them use avatars and nicknames so they can hide behind them.

This user lives in India and his last login was 2 hours ago. He has lots of interests and understands two languages.

He is also from India, also a UFO believer.

She is from Taiwan. She is a teacher who loves traveling solo.

He has a face covering avatar. It is interesting that he is introducing himself as a single male which could mean that he is looking for a partner.

He is also from India. He states that he is 61 years old. He has a nice pink hair avatar.

He has an interesting avatar. He is also from India.

He also has an unusual avatar; however, it does stand out from others.

There are a lot of suggestions from India. He has been on this platform from 2021.

He is from Poland.

Somehow there are a lot of Indian males amongst these suggestions, this would be the result of the choices of interests; however, the reason would not be clear, personally, I did not select anything related to India.

SLOWLY Online Scammer Report

There are no Main Media’s major reports online regarding scammers on this service.


Reddit would be the best place to find information about scammers on SLOWLY. Members have been warning each other. People can search by tagging words such as scammers or scam.

This post is from 3 days ago, and this message is clearly not for looking for a legit penpal. This user is stating that this is the 3rd letter of these kinds.

Well, this is evidence that some are looking for a romantic penpal. This user is going to reply with a romantic intention for fun?

Some people are getting Crypto scam messages. Some comments are stating that there are some messages from China related to Crypto scam.

Some users are complaining about being ghosted by other users. It is not present to be ghosted by others who you thought were legit.

This is a good example that some users are rude on this service.

There are a lot of comments on this post that some users are aiming to find romantic relationships on this service and sending some interesting messages/letters to others.

There are also reports about AI generated letters. Nowadays, AI writing tools are so common thus it would get more and more. People can save a lot of time by using it.

Their algorithm is not working properly, or some users would send multiple messages to all suggestions so they do not check who they are sending messages to.