Shaadi Review


Shaadi started its service as Sagaai in 1997. The creator Anupam Mittal was targeting Indian people who were based outside of the country. Through its history, Shaadi has evolved into a well established matchmaking service ( not dating service) amongst Southeast Asian people all around the world.

Shaadi has been expanding its services to a wider range of business such as producing reality TV shows in India, and facebook game Angry Brides.

Shaadi also operates retail stores, Shaadi Centres where people actually can visit their stores to seek advice and consultations face to face.

Shaadi is also working on bringing awareness to dowry abuses. The dowry system is a system in which a bride gives her family fortune to her groom. This system has been causing some serious problems because brides who could not offer a lot to grooms have been bullied and some even ended up committing suicides.

Now Shaadi is a part of People Group, based in Mumbai, the company was also founded by Anupam Mittal. The company operates multiple services such as Makaan, Mauj Mobile and Mobango. They also invest in Indian digital companies and startups.

Shaadi Verdict


Shaadi would be suited for people with Southeast Asian background. It is safe to say that the service would be solely for them.

For those people who are without the right racial background, this service would be useful.

This is definitely a matchmaking service rather than a dating service, this is because they are allowing the family members to open an account on behalf of someone in their family.

There are a fair share of negative reviews regarding this service but they are still updating their app regularly and their support teams are present online to help users.

It is difficult to say or review Shaadi properly from a non Southeast Asian perspective.

If people have connections with a Southeast Indian background and are looking for a partner in the same background or community, Shaadi is free to look around and put a profile for others to see.

It is a global service with the latest video function for virtual chats, thus in this pandemic society, it is a safe way to meet people; but it would cost money to do so.

User Variety


According to this New York Times article, 15000 people are signing up to Shaadi globally everyday!

Although Shaadi is not a dating site, in some parts of the world, especially in western counties, the service is considered as a dating service rather than matchmaking.


From the quick glance at the site, there are a lot of different appearances from people from different parts of the world. There is a wide range of age groups as well.

Traffic by Countries

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How to join Shaadi


Joining Shaadi is not hard. It is quite simple and quick.


It is very interesting that Shaadi is allowing its users to create an account on behalf of friends and families.
This really shows that Shaadi is not just a dating service but it is a matchmaking service.


People must choose their religion, which includes no religion. However, religious status is important in this service.


Now, the most important and interesting part of this service.
You must choose your community: Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali Gujarati etc.
This shows that Shaadi is only for people who belong to those communities because there are no other options to choose or opt out from this section.


The height is very important on Shaadi because people are not able to skip this part.


People need to put some educational background information as well as profession and income. Those are also mandatory.


Then interestingly, the site would generate some random intro paragraphs based on the previous information.


People need to verify their mobile/cell phone number by typing in a 4 digit number, which people would receive from Shaadi.

This number can be visible on the profile! People need to know this! Fee paying people can see others’ numbers.


Now, a newly created profile is ready to use.

The final stage would be to add a photo, this can be done in many different ways such as via Facebook.


Then there is a belief section about who you are looking for. This can also be done afterwards.


This is the initial page. People from all over the world would be suggested.

How to use Shaadi


Shaadi is not difficult to navigate, from the top menu bar, users can look for suggestions based on location and generated by their algorithm.

However, to contact other members, you need to join their premium membership. Without the membership, people can only browse because users are not able to reply to any incoming messages or send any messages.

However, non fee paying people’s numbers can be visible on their profiles. Thus, fee paying members can technically contact free members directly.

Premium Membership


Shaadi offers different types of premium memberships. Obviously, the longer you buy, the monthly fee would be lower.

Once again, people need to join this fee paying service in order to actually make any connection with other users.


Shaadi Select is a matchmaking service which offers personalised consultations, finding matches and setting up meetings.


They also offer a separate app service; however, it does not have many reviews.


They also offer an invitation only service, VIP Shaadi which seems like it only operates in India.

How to delete Shaadi account


From a profile page, people can find Settings.


From the left hand side menu, at the bottom, there is Hide/Delete profile sign.


Naturally, they would ask for a reason for a departure.


Then just click the sign. This is also very simple and easy.
No need to type in a password.


That is all.

Shaadi Apps

Shaadi has two usual apps: iOS and Android/ Google.

iOS app


Shaadi iOS app is 41st on social network category. The app is a 17+ app. It has more than 41K reviews, and the average of 4.1 rate. It is regularly updated.

Android App


Shaadi Android app is categorized under 18+ app on Google app store.
Asian Matchmaking by Shaadi is the full name; the word Shaadi does not come up by the search.

Social Media

Shaadi has usual Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter; however, they seem not to have Instagrum and Tiktok.



Shaadi Facebook has more than a million followers and likes. They regularly post very unique and original motivational mottos and some of their real success stories.


Shaadi Twitter is also regularly updated. They tweet very original and unique lines a few times a day.

YouTube channel

Shaadi uploads content regularly on Youtube. They often post the same videos in different languages.



Shaadi runs their own blog site. They share their tips and advice, as well as their success stories.



Shaadi’s operation company People Group, People Interactive has a Linkedin account.

Shaadi’ scandals on Main Media


According to this article, Shaadi used to have a skin tone option on their profile but now it has been removed due to an American member’s online petition.


According to this article, Shaadi was accused of dicrimnation against scheduled caste under UK rule. The Times alleged that Brahmin (the most respected class) could not search for matches by narrowing down exclusively to their own social class. They needed to include other social classes when they looked for their matches.

However, Shaadi said that their algorithm is working fairly.

Scheduled caste discrimation has been illegal since 1950.