Shaadi Scammer Review


Shaadi is the world’s largest matchmaking site for people with Southeast Asian backgrounds. It has been operating since 1997.

Although it launched in India, they have expanded their service globally. Now, they offer their web and app services in multiple languages, as well as offering media contents online and TV. Moreover, they operate actual Matrimony stores in India.

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[Nov, 15th, 2021]

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Shaadi Scammer reports on Main Media


According to this Forbes India article, in India, Shaadi introduced a new feature that people can add their Aadhaar numbers which are the government issued 12 digits numbers. This new security addition was welcomed by female users especially.


On the other hand, this British article reports that this male member was sentenced 10 and a half years in prison after convicted for rape charges. One of his female victims met him through Shaadi.

Shaadi Scammer Research

Shaadi is truly a global site. Suggestions are from all over the world without very narrow search.

She is an artist, but her bio says that she is a biochemist graduate. It is very interesting.


She is a healthcare professional.


She is an MBA holder who lives in Europe. Paid members can see her contact details. It is very important to set your privacy legitimately on this service.

She is a premium member.


She is an Indian Christian who works as a corporate lawyer.


Her photo does not hit anything suspicious online.


She is an orthodontist.


She is academic and artistic.


Her photo did hit images which had some resemblance. But it was hard to come to a curtain conclusion.


She is a human resources professional who is very serious about getting married. She is a premium member with a verified ID and phone number.


She is into teaching and just started her own NGO.


The result of her photo google image search suggests an Indian actress; however, it is not a curtain and it can be a result of that they are genuinely similar.


She has a master in Finance but she is a physiotherapist. She lives in the UK.


From this initial glance, the algorithm suggested a lot of females in their 30s.

Online Review


On trustpilot, the first 3 reviews are about fake accounts.



This Indian lawyer is reporting very troublesome facts about scamming operations on Shaadi. People would benefit from listening to this video. It is very informative and clear to understand. Highly recommended.

He is saying that there are more male victims of Shaadi users who live outside of India. They tend to get scammed by marrying other female members outside of India. Due to law in India, those females go back to India and claim money by accusing their husbands under false wrong doings such as domestic violence.

Shaadi Scammer Verdict


Shaadi would have scammers, it is impossible not to have scammers in any online dating services. Although it operates as a matchmaking service in mainland India, it is considered as a dating service outside and it is under the category of social networking with age restriction of over 18.

In India, they have a much tighter security verification process, but it does not apply outside.

The system allows paying members to see others’ contact details, which allows scammers to operate easier. Users have to be very careful with this private information. Users can change this from Setting.

Due to its narrow ethnic targeting, the video chat function and store operations in India, it is less likely to get scammed on Shaadi, compared to other bigger competitors.

However, users outside of India need to be extra careful using this service because the security measure is lower.

Also, marriage laws differ nationally, users need to be extra cautious regarding those laws.

There are enough reports of fake or inactive accounts, it is wise to do some research before committing to pay for their VIP service and premium service.