Shaadi Customer Support Review


Shaadi is a matchmaking service rather than a dating service, operating internationally for more than 20 years. Its well known target is people with Southeast Asian heritage.

The founder Anupam Mittal is expanding his business, now Shaadi is a part of a large group called People Group. The group also operates different dating services as well as investing in Indian startups especially in the digital market.

How to contact Shaadi Customer Support

It is very easy to find their contact details.

At the bottom of their page, there is a “contact us” sign.


They also have their address, phone numbers and media contacts; https://www.shaadi.com/contact-us

From the top menu bar “help”, people can get in touch with Shaadi Customer Support online.


Anyone can get in touch with their Customer Support representative by clicking the “write to customer care”


Shaadi Customer Support representative is one the easiest customer care to get hold of with just an email address.


I personally sent a simple message.


They replied to my message swiftly.
However, the reply was not really helpful since it did not give me the answer. This seemed like a bot reply.

Then I got another message from them.


There is a possibility that the Customer Support Representative uses a bot.

Shaadi Customer Support Representative Online Presence


On Trustpilot, Shaadi has a lot of really negative reviews and they are quite recent. However, there is no single commnet from their Customer Support Representative.


On sitejabber, Shaadi Customer Support Representative also does not have any presence. There are some negative reviews about the customer support amongst mostly negative reviews.


On the other hand, Shaadi Customer Support Representative is very active on Google app store, they have been replying to all reviews!

Surprisingly, they are all legit replies as well. They are all customized to each comment.


Also, on Apple App store, Shaadi Customer Support Representative is very busy replying to mostly negative reviews.

Shaadi Customer Support Representative Verdict


Shaadi Customer Support Representative is definitely there to support users; however, there are some negative reviews about them online.

A lot of their negative reviews are about them not being helpful when users were having problems after paying their premium memberships.

Thus, users need to be careful when they sign up for their VIP and premium membership. It is important to read! Their T&C beforehand.

Shaadi Customer Support Representative is very easy to reach from in or outside of their service.