Match.com Customer Support Review


Match.com is a long established online dating service. It has been operating for more than 15 years. They are a pioneer of inclusive dating offering diverse dating experiences.

They offer a global service and have office branches all over the world. They have their headquarters in the USA but each branch would have their own customer representative teams.

How to contact Match.com Customer Representatives


At the bottom of the page, there is a small sign for Help.


Then people can jump to this new page.
Then there is a selection of different questions.
At the end, there is a “contact us”


Then, this pop up would appear.
People can fill the box with questions or messages.


Then this acknowledgement would appear.


Soon after, there was an acknowledgement email from them.


Shortly after I got a surprising and very prompt reply from the Match.com customer representative.

The original enquiry was about a possibility of making a single payment to read a single message. They got back to me offering a free 4 days trial subscription!

This shows that the customer representative is definitely there to support the users.


This was also true. The message function was accessible.


The Link section was visible.


Also, it was possible to view who visited and view the profile.

Online Presence


On the Apple Store, Match.com customer representatives are replying to the majority of reviews.


On Google Play, Match.com customer support is also very active. They are replying to all recent reviews with individual messages. They do not use a bot. Sadly, there are all negative reviews.


On Trustpilot, Match.com customer representative is agin, very active. They are replying to all recent reviews with personalized messages.

This shows that their customer support representatives are there to improve the service.

Match.com Customer Support Verdict


Match.com’s customer representative team is definitely there to help their customers. It is easy to get in touch with them via email.

They are very active online by replying to the majority of recent reviews on app stores and a well known review site. They are even leaving personalized messages.

Moreover, by getting in touch with them personally, there are some chances to get offered a free trial. This was the most surprising and present gesture.