Match.com Scammer Research Review


Match.com has been in operation for more than 15 years. It was developed in the USA but now it’s been expanded to an international dating service. They have their branches all over the world.

Match.com is a major online dating service, people have been familiar with this service since they have been spending a lot of money for its advertisements such as TV commercials.

Match.com Scammer Report on Media

Match.com does not have a lot of scandals in the media as much as some other online dating services.


There is a report of scammer operations on Match.com in this article. This man was a victim of scammers and lost an astonishing amount of money.


There are also some articles regarding Match.com being ordered to pay $2 million.


According to this article, the California Auto Renewal Task Force sued Match.com

“The suit alleges that the company charged customers for automatic renewal without their express consent.”

“The company did not admit wrongdoing.”
However, Match.com agreed to pay the $2 million settlement.

Match.com Scammer Verdict


Due to the above news article and review posts, it is clear that there are scammers on Match.com.

However, scammers are everywhere. It is common sense to be cautious when people use any online dating services.

More serious issue on Match.com is that there are not enough paying members. Thus it would be more difficult to get in touch with other active users because free membership does not offer messaging service. This could be one reason that Match.com does not have many scammer scandals in the media.

Quick Scammer Research


Match.com has a wide variety of users. However, it is clear that there are not a lot of profiles with paying member badges.

Without paying their memberships, people are not able to make any contacts with others. Thus, the majority of profiles are not real active members.


This profile is the one of few profiles with the paying member badge.
The photo looks genuine.


This profile is another one with the badge. Photos also look authentic.


There is another one, with the badge, she has a detailed profile.


Profiles without the badge, they would not be able to get in touch.


There are a lot of females in their 30s+.


This photo did not come up with any results after google image search.


This profile shows that Match.com has a wide variety of users. There are a good amount of female users in their 60s. Match.com can be suited for sliver dating.


There is an optional vaccination status on the profile page.


There are not a lot of photos that give out fake impressions on Match.com, especially amongst older generation users.


This is a pretty empty profile. This photo did not hit any results by google image search.

Scammer Online Reviews


Match.com reviews are mostly negative on Google App Store, the majority of reviews are about their expensive subscription service and their problematic auto renewal system.

On the Apple App store, there are a few review posts regarding scammers.


This review is reporting that some others are after some personal information.


This reports that the same user is using multiple accounts.


There is another post about reporting fake accounts.


Another report about scammers who are after personal information.

Scammers are asking users to move to other social networking services to make contact. Thus, people must avoid doing so.