Does Sugar Daddy work on Tinder?

Do you know Sugar Daddy? It is one of just supports to girls to exchange money with having time together.
Actually, it happens to every places by not only a lot of apps but also on real situations because young girls / women need much money in a much easier way than usual works.
On Tinder, it is suspicious whether if you can find Sugar Daddy or not. I am going to figure out if it works really or not with explaining what Tinder is.

What is Tinder?

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Tinder is the most popular as well as a popular matching app in the world. It was invented in USA and now that it has been prevailing to the world greatly.
The company which runs Tinder is Match Group which also runs Pairs as a subsidiary.

When it comes to a drawback when using matching apps, leaking out your personal information to the whole superb wide internet world.
Tinder is much safer than other apps in terms of the drawback.
When you register for Tinder, you are entailed to verify your Facebook account to Tinder, which means once you have to make an account on Facebook.
We have to put our personal information such as phone number, address, name, age, face or so.
Every one has feasibility to be revealed the information as long as they violate the regulation or compliance of the app.
Basic functions on Tinder are for free to no matter what you are male or female.
That is the most emphasizing point when explaining advantages of Tinder.
There are indeed some billing systems. If you got the systems, you could be available for increasing the number of what you are able to like as well as super like, notifying you of active users, being able to conceal your profile as age, manipulating your location service, what you can re-judge girls / guys whom you already liked or not liked and constrain the advertising banners.
Tinder is not the app for looking for sugar daddies. There is no any functions to look for those who look for sugar daddies and babies(girls).
You would rather try some tricky things on Tinder, and it is surely worth using Tinder of looking for Sugar daddies.

The Scope of Users

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The scope of male users are mostly from 20s to 30s. That is younger than other users using the other apps.
It is commonly said that there are more handsome or looking good guys than the others.
They are usually students so they do not have much money.
If you looked for handsome guys, that would suit for you. on the other hand, if you looked for rich guys, that would not be suitable for you.
I want you to keep this fact in your mind. As a matter of fact, I have also succeeded in matching and meeting these types of girls on Tinder too.
They indeed are looking good and quite hot as well.
Based on my experience, I have not matched 30s a lot because maybe I am younger than them or I set my preference as from 20s to 35 years old.
Though I am not sure the reason, if anything I have not matched these ages women a lot.
For these experiences, I also can say there are more younger people than mature or elderly people.
Meanwhile, the scope of female users are also beautiful women basically. As a matter of fact, some women who register for Tinder are models or pretty hot girls. But when it comes to girls, there are no less people who do not look for a serious relationship but just to spend their free time. If you required a serious relationship, you need to be considerate in terms of that.
What’s more, these kinds of people commonly don’t reply quickly or frequency because they literally need someone who is able to listen their complaints, story or have a conversation, not for asking for the serious relationship or boyfriend. Although I have matched this type of girls too, they didn’t reply well or they normally ignored even though we had matched one another. To be honest, spending your own time to do the stuff is the same as wasting of your own time and throw it out into the trash can.

Looking for Sugar Daddies on Tinder

Originally, though Tinder is not the app for looking for Sugar Daddies, some people would try to seek for it on it. For them, I am going to introduce four drawbacks to seek the relationship on Tinder.


1. There are a Bunch of Students

There are a lot of students especially university students. The reason why is basically they don’t have much money so they can’t afford to register for the other expensive matching app which has the billing system.
Tinder is basically for free. That’s why a plenty of students register for it and be able to keep using it as I have been doing.
When it comes to girls, they make the use of the system, which means they try to make money as making us induce to move into the phase that we have no choice other than pay money or support girls. That’s the reality too.
If you looked for a sugar daddy, the ideal male is going to be who has much money and quite mature. It has something of connections with between having much money and mature person. Which means it has little feasibility to meet or match the kind of the person on Tinder. This is the first disadvantage.


2. You CAN’T Limit Your Preference

You can restrict your preferences such as only age, sex, location in a vague. Sometimes you can find some people who describe that “I am looking for a Sugar Daddy” on their profiles.
You should describe that you are looking for the relationship on your profile definitely regardless of in a vague or in a straight. There are some key words to imply the relationship for both gender.
As long as you take the kind of action, the possibility is going to go up…maybe.

3. There are a lot of Cheap Guys

There are so many cheap/cheating guys on Tinder. I estimate half of them intends to make girls go to the hotel and have sex casually without enough money.
Girls should be careful and I want you to keep it in your minds as well.

There are some tips to avoid happening as this accident to you.

Firstly, you have to check the opponents’ profiles in detail after you match her / him such as whether they describe themselves in detail or not, they use the skeptical selfish which uses a certain famous person or a model, and they send a lot of bothersome messages to you.
Even if you matched a guy, you absolutely need to confirm what the guy is looking for on Tinder.

4. Few People are Serious

Originally, there are few people looking for the relationship. Literally, there are less the kinds of the people on Tinder than the other app which specialize in the serious relationship.
Most of people, especially girls use Tinder for just spending free time, even looking for not a boyfriend but just friends.
If you ask me, looking for friends on matching apps is insane, crazy. If you wanted to make friends, you would have to go to bars or clubs. That would be better as well as exciting.

How to Get up the Possibility to Match


For Male

First and foremost, you would rather like every girls being shown to you as limiting only younger generations such as from 18-25 years old.
As a good point, you can like 240 likes on a day so I recommend you to like them without any mind as consciousness or so. Checking the detailed profile is not a first priority. After that, you can negotiate with a certain girl.
You don’t have to have a daily conversation. Just get down to the business.
You should clarify some terms: what to pay for, preferences, time or so.

You can contact with her on Tinder for free. You do not have to exchange private email add.
I deem that is the most important thing because there are a couple of people who do not want to exchange their personal contact before meeting for real.
It’s utterly important for male to be neat gentleman when you either chat with her or meet for real. Neat women are likely to draw a lot of great attention than those who don’t try make themselves be neat.
It can say the same thing to men too.

For Female

If you looked for mature man on Tinder, to begin with you would rather set the age preference as more than 40s to less than 60s.
On average, these ages men have much more money than students or younger people usually.
It’s important for the girls to pretend a neat girl on your profile. You would better avoid describing the straight intention about the relationship.

I need to earn money.

I am short of money.

I highly recommend you to “like” men without any mind too. As I mentioned on a male chapter, girls also might be better to take this way to match the kind of the people if you were quite serious about it.
There is no any traces that you liked. By the time you have matched the kind of man, you suggest your preferences definitely beforehand. You should not suggest them deliberately, but naturally.
You have to do that firmly because there are some men who try to deceive you by something of tricky ways.



Tinder is originally not the app for looking for the relationship, either Sugar Daddies / Babies.
You need to be careful as well as be responsible for your own behavior.

  • -Your Tinder account might be found by your friends or boyfriend / girlfriend.
  • -You might be forced to have sex.
  • -You might be cheated on as well as be deceived fraudulently.


Before trying to look for the people on Tinder, just keep these things in, your mind completely.
There are more handsome guys / beautiful women than the other apps. As long as you live in big cities especially in Tokyo, the feasibility that you succeed in matching as well as meeting for real is going to go up.
As long as you look for just benefit friends or a girlfriend / boyfriend, Tinder would be suitable for you.