Unforgivable Men’s Bad-Groomed Behavior

I will never ever contact you again.

How come?!

This is because he is bad-groomed. The man may drop from the partner’s list. Let’s check the facts in detail to avoid such a situation.
This is based on a ranking from 300 Japanese women and their opinions.
By reading this article, you may get an idea of how Japanese women think and their perspectives.

Unforgivable Men’s bad-Groomed behavior ranked 1-10

a surprised woman
The following is the top ranking of unforgivable bad-groomed behavior, so this is what you should care about the most.

1. Body Odor

Aging odor included.
Odor is often connected with aging. The body parts such as underarms, neck can be the main cause of odor and there are many of varieties of odor. Usually you do not notice your own odor in most cases, so do not forget to use body odor products. You shouldn’t use deodorant with strong scents, better to use something with a vague scent.

2. Bad Breath

Odor and smell are always ranked at the top… Women may be disappointed to men if they have bad breath even if he is good-looking. Try and care and keep bad breath to the minimum.
*If you still have bad breath even if you have been keeping attention, you may have internal problems, you could get it checked by a doctor.

3. Out of Fashion

Some people don’t care enough about fashion. As a result, they are out of fashion even though they are trying to care about how they dress. We will talk about this subject it on part III, “Recommended fashion for dates.”

4. Nostril Hair

Nostril hair grows so fast, you should check daily and make sure it isn’t visible from others. Make sure you always check the mirror before you go on a date.

5. Unsanitary Hair

You should always keep your hair clean, wash it daily, make sure there is no dandruff on the shoulder because that will leave a bad impression. Take more care on what hair products you use.

6. Unsanitary Teeth

Dirty or unsanitary teeth can be seen when chatting or smiling and it will make women disappointed. It could be from careless tooth brushing or cigarette tar, try and take more care.
How can we get rid of bad breath? To care for your teeth is the first solution. You should also consider getting your teeth cleaned by professionals at a dentist.

7. Dirty Nails

Nails are easily visible from others. Nails can look unpleasant because of dirt or the nails being too long or unattended. Nails are often forgotten to care, so check them in detail.

8. Wrinkled Clothes

Wrinkled clothes disappoint people even if your fashion is perfect. Fashion is based not only by the high-quality combination but also the maintenance. Make sure your clothing and fashion items are cared for.

9. Eyebrows

Uncared eyebrows surprisingly give an unpleasant impression to people. You should adjust them or have them cut. However, don’t go too far, natural-looking eyebrows is the best.

10. Long Pinky Nail

Some women dislike people having a long pinky nail. Do not forget to cut the pinky nail with other nails.

Unforgivable Men’s bad-Groomed behavior ranked 11-30

11. Shorts
12. Dirty Shoes
13. Pierced Ears
14. Torn Pants
15. Wallet Chain attached to the Pants
16. Oily Face
17. Beard or Mustache
18. Messy Hair
19. Too much Perfume
20. Too much Accessories
21. Cigarettes Smell
22. Unfit Size of Clothes
23. Missing a Spot when Shaving
24. Chest Hairs
(Many Asian Women don’t like them.)
25. Stepping on the Heels of Shoes
26. Sagging
27. Unfit Hair Color
28. Unfit Fashion
29. Vintage Fashion
30. Thin Eyebrows

It isn’t in the ranking, but floral print shirt does not give a good impression, especially when the color is pink.

Recommended fashion for dates

We have gone through in detail to present yourself as above. However, there may be some people who are not really interested in fashion. Let’s check it out.

① Tailored jacket

a man with tailored jaket

This fashion is the most useful and easily fit for anybody. It can give a clean, tidy, and sincere impression by wearing a jacket. You should wear a casual shirt or inner T-shirt, then it doesn’t look like business fashion. You can easily make plain shirt fashionable by adding a jacket over it. Dark blue jacket also looks better on many people.

② Cable knit shirts

a man with knitted sweater
Cable knit fashion is for spring and autumn. You should choose light colors in spring and darker colors such as navy blue or black in autumn. Cable knit shirts can be simple and stylish.

③ Ankle pants

a man with knitted sweater
Ankle pants is the latest fashion. It can make you fashionable. Dark navy is the most recommended color.

④ Plain T-shirt with a pocket

a man is wearing T-shirt with a pocket
Plain T-shirt is better than one with graphics or characters. However, if you think a plain one is too simple, you could choose a T-shirt with a pocket. Such T-shirt should be worn during the summer. And you can wear it with a jacket in spring or autumn. It’s three seasons useful .

⑤ Coordination with dark navy

a man is wearing Coordination with dark navy
This color matching is useful, and recommend!

Hopefully you’ve got ideas.
The tips on fashion for dates is useful.