TourBar Customer Service and Replies Report



When you search and read through the reviews of TourBar, users have complained that the app is plagued by fake accounts and bots. As I was scrolling through the profiles of other users, I stumbled upon a suspicious account which I believed may be a fake account.




What was suspicious was that, the most obvious observation I made was that the picture looked fake and photoshoot-like in comparison to the other candid pictures from other users. On the other hand, the account also only posted one picture on themselves.


Plus, the picture totally look like a singar, Enrique Iglesias.




Besides that, the account itself did not go through any verification that is compulsory for users. (Phone Verification, Photo Verification, Identity Verification.)


Adding all of the factors together, I was suspicious of the account and decided to report it.



There are two ways of contacting customer support, either to send them an email or through a report section which is available on the webpage. The report section can be used to file complaints, report scams and et cetera, but it is only available for registered users.


When reporting a fake account or possible scam, users are asked to add the link to the said profile so that they can trace it back. Once you send it, a reply will be made within 24 hours.


Within a few hours, (2 hours to be precise), customer service was quick to take action and gave solely a short response with no explanations.




After searching for the reported account, the icon picture has been deleted. It seems to be deactivated by the customer support or sent to be reviewed.




After reading customer reviews on the app, users will be notified if they have been previously chatting together with a bot/scammer and that the said account has been removed.




As written on the web-page of Tourbar at the rules section, the app is unable to confirm the identity or conduct background checks on users as they are not allowed to, and that users are responsible and liable towards their own interactions.


Thus, users should always have precaution when interacting with other users online, to prevent being scammed. One of the most frequent cases being having to pay for someone else’s flight ticket and expenses.


It also indicates that the company solely provides tools to aid verification such as Photo, Identity and Phone verification but it is not as efficient as other apps with a compulsory photo verification during the sign up process.