Tokyo Japan 6 Meetup Spots Recommendations


Tokyo is the city in Japan with the highest population density, a city well-known by everyone.

The most modern women in Japan are usually fashionable and trendy. They usually a high sense of pride. In order to go on dates with more people, women in Tokyo can easily differentiate the type of people they want to associate with. Therefore it is advised to make a smart choice when deciding a place to meet-up at.

There are a few places I would not recommend, such as in front of the Hachiko Statue or Shinjuku ALTA because there is always a crowd. Even if you know what your date is going to wear or bring with them, it will still be hard to find them, or possibly end up waiting for them instead.

I will be introducing meet-up spots that can be easily accessible and easily understandable.

Meet-up spot in Tokyo at Chiyodaku Area

The Chiyoda Area is located in the middle of the 23 Areas and is one of the least populated areas. Albeit the fact that the Chiyoda area is a typical office hub with prospering businesses, I would like to introduce you to the best meet-up locations.


1. Silver Bell (Gin no Suzu)

Location Access
JR Tokyo Station, Near Yaesu Central Exit 1F Basement.

(comments on Instagram) “If you think of Tokyo, then you’ll think of Tokyo Station. Talking about Tokyo Station, you’ll think of “Gin no Suzu” (Silver Bell). It is the most popular meet-up spot in Tokyo. ”

Gin no Suzu is a standard meeting place. It is a convenient place to meet-up at regardless of the weather, on the flip side, since it is located underground mall, it may be hard to locate it and some people may not be able to reach the location.
Map: Silver Bell (Gin no Suzu)

Meet-up spot in Tokyo at Minatoku Area

In Tokyo, Minato Area has the highest rental fee among the 23 areas. But, there are a lot of trendy cafes and good store, so it’s a fun area even just to visit. Therefore, it is an easy area to bring a woman on a trendy date. I will introduce a few recommendations for a classy place like Minato area.


2. Akasaka Biz Tower

Meeting in front of Akasaka Biz Tower is recommended for those who enjoy privacy and shy away from the public eye.

Location Access
1 min by feet from Akasaka station

(comments on Instagram) “I have arrived near the venue located in front of Akasaka Biz Tower.”

It’s a suitable meet-up spot for dates as the location is easily accessible and surprisingly quiet on weekends with very few people passing by. The down side is that the area is usually busy on weekdays.
Map: Akasaka Biz Tower

Meet-up spot in Tokyo at Shibuyaku Area

Besides the youth culture, Shibuya is a multi-layered area with a lot of attractions. Shibuya crossing is a famous attraction garnering the attention from people worldwide. Albeit Shibuya ward being a crowded location, I would like to introduce a few meet-up locations.


3. Shibuya Train Station Ticket Gate

Location Access
In front of Shibuya Station Ticket Gate

(comments on Instagram) “Meeting up with someone for a gathering at Shibuya Station. I’m very free until the person finally arrives.”

Since it is located in Shibuya Station, so it is not affected by the weather. It is easy to access so there is a slim chance of getting lost. It’s a popular meeting spot among a lot of people, so it’s suitable for couples too. On top of that, another advantage is that you can immediately flee if a weird person approaches you. However, it may get crowded if your timing overlaps with the rush hour.
Map: Shibuya Train Station


4. Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Street Crossing

Location Access
5 minute walk from Shibuya Station.

(comments on Instagram) “There isn’t a lot of people during the morning. Just right the opposite is Shibuya TOEI and Toyo cinema.”

Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Crossing has a lot of office buildings around the area. Therefore, even if you’re meeting up with someone from a dating app, the people around you would not realize that. The disadvantage of this location is that it’s hard to meet-up during bad weather as there are no indoor locations.
Map: Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Street Crossin

Meet-up Spot in Shinjuku Area

Shinjuku Station prides itself in having the most train passengers in the world. It is also the main train station for the 2020 Olympic Stadium and Japan National Stadium. I will introduce some meet-up locations amidst the busy area.


5. Café La Voie

Location Access
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

(comments on Instagram) “Lunch at Café La Voie”

Cafe La Voie has a large number of seating and a wide variety of food, so it is suitable for anyone who is considering a meal date. You will be able to casually chat without being affected by the weather. But, on the flip side, you would not be able to leave immediately if you do not click with your date.
Map: Café La Voie


6. Alta building from South Gate

Location Access
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

(comments on Instagram) Snowy day in front of Alta building. ”

The ALTA building is a popular location in Shinjuku well known by everyone, but it’s too much of a standard meeting spot that it gets crowded. There will be a lot of people on the Northern exit, so it would be troublesome if you don’t know what the person looks like. However, the south exit is recommended as it is an easy location and there are few people passing by.

Map: Alta building from South Gate


Tokyo is a city in Japan so it has the advantage of being able to go anywhere and everywhere conveniently. But, there is always a crowd everywhere so it’s hard to find a good meeting spot.
It depends on personal preferences but some people think that a busier location feels safer. On the other hand, it is another issue whether or not you’ll be able to find your date. For a woman, they will feel safer by meeting at a crowded location rather than a quiet casual place, so please keep that in mind.