Osaka Japan 5 Meetup Spots Recommendations


From past till present, Osaka is known to be a merchant street and a comedy town.

The women in Osaka are usually known to be social butterflies. Therefore, there is a stereotype that they are easy to communicate with. Osaka is the root to the birth of entertainers, with the stereotype that Osaka residents have an energetic and positive personality.

Another trait is that, Osaka residents live a fast tempo life, they dislike doing unnecessary things and is bold with their actions.

In this article, I will introduce some meet-up spots for the lively Osaka!

Places in Osaka to meet-up at!

The city of Osaka is centered around Dotonbori Street with comedic performances happening at Yoshimoto and Shochiku. The city is full of eating spots and bustling nightlife, I will be introducing a few of them to you!


1. Starbucks Branch at Osaka Station LUCUA Osaka 1100 2F

Location Access
JR Osaka Station

(comments on Instagram) “I’m at Starbucks Coffee LUCUA 2F Grand Marche Branch. ”

The store front is located on the left side once you get off the escalator, making it easily accessible. One of the cons is that people usually hold events around the vicinity. On top of that, please beware that the wind is extremely strong during windy days.

Map: Starbucks Branch at Osaka Station LUCUA Osaka 1100 2F



Location Access
5 minutes by foot from Osaka Train.

(comments on Instagram) “Good Morning! This is Bob! I’m meeting up with someone in front of HEP. Fine me in front of the “5” shaped clock.”

HEP FIVE has a big red Ferris wheel, which is easy to spot from afar. Once you ascend from the underground, it would be hard to get lost. On the down side, if you exit at the wrong gate, you will be going in the opposite direction. On top of that, there are a lot of people. Picking-up on people and flirting often happens here too.


3. Traffic signal in front of Hanshin Department Store

Location Access
1 minute walk from south side of JR Osaka Station

(comments on Instagram) “Walking from Tamae Bridge to Hanshin department store. It’s so hot that I’m sweating.”

It’s close to all 3 of the train stations, the Hanshin, Hankyu and JR Line. It’s a good place to meet-up at because people from Kansai region are usually short-tempered. The flip side is that there is always a crowd around the area. Some people may get annoyed by that, so please be aware of that.
Map: Traffic signal in front of Hanshin Department Store


4. In front of Umeda BIGMAN

Location Access
Tetsumidosuji Metro Line at Umeda Station

(comments on Instagram) “A lot of people waiting in front of Umeda BIGMAN.”

When meeting at Umeda, the most frequent spot is the wide space in front of the big TV screen. It is also commonly known as Big Man Mae. It’s a popular choice among a lot of people because Umeda Station is considered to be the middle point for every transportation system. There’s a wide variety of pubs around the area, so it’s convenient to move to another location speedily. Osaka residents tend to be impatient, so meeting near the train station is preferred. On the other hand, the downside of this is that it is a common meeting place. There may be a crowd during weekends and holiday season. On top of that, it is not a location suitable for a private meet-up since it is easily noticeable.
Map: In front of Umeda BIGMAN



Location Access
3 minute walk from Osaka Station

(comments on Instagram) “A building that can be found in the Osaka City Station. To be frank, I did not expect much from a station building operated by JR West, but I was pleasantly surprised. The design is sophisticated and trendy, it can be easily mistaken for LUMINE. In addition, the view from the female restroom on the 4th floor is said to be good.”

The LACUA in Osaka is a shopping centre suitable for both men and women. There are also arcades and et cetera for entertainment. But, as of the current Coronavirus pandemic, there is a high risk of getting infected in a high density area.


Based on the stereotype, Osaka people are known to be short tempered people who prefer an easily accessible location. Therefore, even if there is a crowd, it is still recommended to meet-up at an easy to find location.