Kyoto Japan 7 Meetup Spots Recommendations


Kyoto is a prefecture with 1200 years of history, established in 794 since the Heian-kyo period.

Kyoto is a gorgeous area that leaves a strong impression to people, popular among domestic and international tourists. Women of Kyoto are known for their prideful personality.

The common first impression would be of the Kansai dialect. But, the Kyoto dialect is a language of its own, leaving people with an impression that Kyoto citizens are elegant.

In this article I would like to give some meeting spots recommendation!

Meet-up places in Kyoto

Prideful citizens in Kyoto who still think that the capital of Japan is Kyoto, what kind of places should you meet up at? Let me introduce you to them.


1. Isetan

Location Access
2 minutes walk from JR Kyoto train station
7 min walk from Shinkansen Kyoto station

(comments on Instagram) “A Christmas tree in front of Isetan! Breath taking! ”

Isetan is located within the train station with guidance along the premises so you wont get lost. On the other hand, a downside is that it’s a little further away from the Shinkansen ticket gate.
Map: Isetan


2. JR South Exit

Location Access
JR Kyoto train station south exit

(comments on Instagram) “As I was getting off the train, I got attacked by a group of perverts. (Figuratively.) ”

There was a recommendation that Kyoto Tower would be a good first meet-up spot as it was easy to understand the location and you wouldn’t get lost. But the south ticket gate was so crowded that it was hard to find it.
Map: Kyoto station


3. Starbucks -Kyoto Tower Sando Branch

Location Access
Five minutes from the train station.

(comments on Instagram) “Recently Starbuck’s blackboard has been really popular. I took several photos of it.”

If you’re going to Kyoto, it is best to utilise the Kyoto train station.
There’s a big and conspicuous tower right in front of the train station. Therefore, the Starbucks underneath Kyoto Tower is easy to understand. Women can also casually go into the shop alone, but one of the cons is that it’s packed with people.

Map: Starbucks -Kyoto Tower Sando Branch


4. Tea Confectionery within Tokyo Tower. Male Branch Kyoto Tower-Sando Store.

Location Access
As soon as you cross the bus terminal.

(comments on Instagram) “Popular item in Male Branche, Green Tea Ice Cream Bar.”

“Limited to Kyoto Tower Sando Branch. The rich green tea flavour of the ice cream bar paired together with a thick matcha sauce! You may possibly get a brain freeze too! ”

Kyoto Tower is easily noticeable so its easy to locate, alongside with other confectioneries on the first floor. It is also recommended to buy souvenirs there. On the downside, there are a lot of people buying souvenirs in front of the pedestrian crossing so it can get crowded at times.

Map: Tea Confectionery within Tokyo Tower. Male Branch Kyoto Tower-Sando Store.


5. Kyoto Station “Light of Time” Pillar

Location Access
The clock tower is in front of the Kyoto JR train station west exit.

(comments on Instagram) “This is Kyoto station’s “Light of Time”. The colour of the light changes according to the time. Kyoto really is amazing. ”

As far as my experience goes, if it is JR Kyoto Station, this is a spot that is known by everyone and is easy to locate. There is very little possibility that you would pass by each other, therefore I would recommend this spot.

The downside of it is that there are a lot of people passing by, so it may be harder to locate the person unless you’re waiting in front of the clock tower in advance.
Map: Kyoto Station “Light of Time” Pillar


6. Nishikiyamachidori, Café Soiree

Location Access
Via Kyoto Station “Gio-Shinjo Station” or Hankyu Line “Shijo Kawaramachi Station”, 5 minutes by foot

(comments on Instagram) “Café Soiree’s Jelly Punch. The café is dimly lit and illuminated by stained glass lamps. The atmosphere in the café is amazing whether day or night.”

Cafe Soiree is an old school cafe known by almost every Kyoto resident.
It is near the tourist/shopping centre and the Shijo Kawaramachi area. Wooden built houses since the ancient time is scattered across the area. The interior is well curated, the ceramics such as cups and coasters are drawn by the artist Seijo Togo, along with illustrations painted by him. But, due to fact that it is a vintage coffee shop, the exterior can be quite grand, it might be slightly difficult to approach.

Map: Nishikiyamachidori, Café Soiree


7. In front of Kyoto Aquarium

Location Access
Ten minutes by foot from Kyoto Station

(comments on Instagram) “Thank you for watching the two days “No Visitors Dolphin Show”. We have uploaded the video on Youtube. Videos taken from other angles will be uploaded soon, so please look forward to it. ”

The location is near Kyoto Station with a park nearby the aquarium, so it’s easy to park your car. In comparison to the train station, there are not a lot of people here so the atmosphere is more laidback. The both of you are able to chill and casually meet. The con is that there aren’t a lot of shelters on a rainy day.
Map: In front of Kyoto Aquarium


Kyoto is a tourist spot so regardless of the location, there will always be a relatively large amount of people. For those who want to meet up smoothly, it would be recommended to do it at a café or coffee shop. However, please be aware that it may get crowded at certain period of the day.