SweetRing Customer Service



Since SweetRing is expanding to Japan region, it basically means more people are using the app. More people use, more complains/reviews there will be.


So how’s reviews about customer service on SweetRing?


I’ve looked into reviews about customer service on SweetRing on the internet, but I couldn’t find so many reviews about Customer Service. (Lots of men users were complaining about money related such as VIP charge is too expensive, or something like suddently their conversation disappear)


What I have noticed whilst I was checking reviews about SweetRing is that they reply to all of reviews. So, Although there is not enough reviews about customer service on SweetRing, my expectation got slightly higher because lots of Customer Service don’t reply all of comments even with a template sentence.


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When I checked my profile preview, I noticed that something wrong with the list of men who I was looking for.




Yes, The height I’m looking for is selected as “120cm-229cm”


I mean, height itself isn’t that crucial when it comes to choose a boyfriend for me, but I feel a bit uncomfortable being with someone who is too tall because always looking up makes my neck hurts.

So I wanted to change the setting but I couldn’t find where it is. Then I send Customer Service an email.




I know it is an easy questions, but usually it takes few days for customer service to reply questions, also this app is founded in Taiwan so there’s not much time difference but I wanted to see if they reply quickly or not.


And actually, they replied me really quickly. It was within a day. I was really surprised and impressed.




As you can see, the instruction is accurate, easy to understand.

I have no complain about customer service on SweetRing.


To sum up, Customer Service on SweetRing is great. As I mentioned earlier, they replies all of reviews even if it’s complain. So they reply not only every comments but also quickly. If you find any little questions on SweetRing, don’t hesitate to ask things, they’ll be there for you.