Report of Customer Service on EastMeetEast

When I was searching reviews about EastMeetEast, I found quite a lot of good reviews about customer service. I saw only few negative comments about CS, so how is the truth about EastMeetEast support?


I sent an email to them about member suggesting that is not often refreshed.




They replied me in 3 days after I’ve sent above message.




First few days when I was waiting for their reply, I was wondering why is it taking so much time. But seems like they were checking my account setting.


Gvansta, who was taking care of me, his reply was polite and his explanation was accurate so that I understood what was wrong. However, when I tried to fix the problem, I realized something.


I thought he was saying that I mistakenly set up my location to the U.S. but it looked like that I set up my location correctly because it showed where I was.




I got confused so I asked him another question.




I sent another question to him. He replied me within 2 days and answered my question in a very kind way.




I changed to the miles setting to “anywhere”. Then I checked members suggestion, and it changed completely different. There were totally new people out there.
Probably 50 miles in Japan was too limited edition.


To conclude, Customer Service on EastMeetEast is decently okay. They answered my questions within 3 days, it took less than one week in total which isn’t that bad.


The EastMeetEast Operator who took care of me, Gvansta, he was kind too. His explanation was accurate. I’m happy with the support!