Danger of Sugar Dating on Twitter!Beginner Guide to Sugar Babies without Twitter


There are many women who are on Twitter to find sugar daddies.
However, that is the most dangerous way to get into sugar dating.

It is less likely to find ideal sugar daddies on Twitter.

In this article, people can read about disadvantages of using Twitter for sugar dating. People also can read about how to find sugar daddies elsewhere.


Can we find sugar daddies on Twitter?


The answer is actually, yes.

However, it is very difficult to find high quality sugar daddies whom people are imagining.

Sugar daddies on Twitter are mainly looking for physical activities (sex).

It is wise to know all risks of this kind of sugar dating. Then people can decide whether or not they want to go ahead to start their Twitter sugar dating.

Here are some facts of using Twitter to find their dates.

First, it is important to do research about an account holder.


Basic rate for sugar dating on Twitter


The basic rate for sugar dating (with sex) would be US$150-200 per date.

It would be impossible to just have a meal.

$150〜$200 per sex would be enough? That would be depending on a person.

This is just like prostitution, but it is even worse because people can not just have sex and leave.

They would need to spend at least 2〜3hours which makes their hourly rate of $40〜$50.

Moreover, there are more risks.


What kind of males are there to be sugar daddies on Twitter


Most sugar daddies on Twitter are not really wealthy enough to do sugar dating: freelancers, part-timers and regular office workers.

Some of them would have difficulties to communicate to opposite of sex and have strong desires to do something (kinky) to sugar babies.

It is important to think that there are risks such imprisonments, sexal assults and even murders, for sugar dating.
Sugar dating on Twitter would not be a regular sugar dating but more like one-night stand

Traditionally, sugar dating would often be on regular and contract based.

However, this would be unlikely on Twitter sugar dating.

Twitter sugar daddies think that Twitter sugar babies are like escorts, They are using Twitter sugar babies as tools to let go of their sexual urges.

Normally, sugar dating would bring stable incomes however, Twitter sugar dating would not.


Posts with hashtags to find matches

It is very simple and easy to start sugar dating on Twitter. Make an account especially for sugar dating and tweet about looking for sugar daddies.

Follow up with DM and set up a time and a place to meet up.

Most importantly use hashtags : #SugarDaddySerious #sugardaddylegit #sugardaddyswanted #sugardaddydating


Police might be waiting for you!


There are undercover officers on Twitter to catch some sugar babies.

Those officers can question sugar babies, there are possibilities of arrests.
Especially if a sugar baby is underage.


Twitter is getting strict with sugar dating accounts

Twitter is starting to ban some accounts which are related to “sugar dating”

This could happen within the 1st day of opening an account.

Risks of Twitter Sugar Dating


Reading above, some would feel that it is not a great idea to do Twitter sugar dating.

Twitter sugar dating is one way to earn money for even udnerage people with risks. However, it is not worth taking those risks.


Low rate

Twitter sugar dating is surprisingly low rate.

via Twitter normal SD
first meet $0 $50-$100
【each time】
【each time】
$150-$200 $150-$1,000
date @ bar
【each time】
date only
with sex


If a sugar baby starts with a legit sugar dating site to find a sugar daddy; the fee won’t be a problem.

Some legit sugar babies are earning the same fee as Twitter sugar babies by just having a meal with a daddy.


Problems with money

Some Twitter sugar daddies could run away before they pay their agreed fees for sugar dates.

Running away after having sex is normal.

Most Twitter sugar daddies do not care about their repetitions thus sugar dating with those men would be considered very dangerous.


Pregnancy, Secret recordings, STD and Physical Assaults


Consensual sexcial encounters are doable but there are many reports of abnormal sexcial encounters while sugar dating.
Twitter sugar dating could end up with unpresent experiences such as strangling, sex without protections, secret recordings and multiple sexes. Those are against rules of normal sugar dating.
There are no pimps to complain to and there are also no bouncers to protect females like working in clubs.


Huge regret after repeated sexual encounters with strangers

Twitter sugar dating leaves many sugar babies with emotional scars. Multiple sexual activities with unknown men would be very traumatizing for many.

It is better for mentally weak sugar babies to avoid Twitter sugar dating. It is not worth it.


There are scammers amongst Twitter users


There are also dander for Twitter sugar daddies. There are some groups who are seeking opportunities to blackmail Twitter sugar daddies.

They would try to set up meetings and they would try to blackmail whoever shows up for the sugar date.

Their typical trick would be using udnerage girls. It is illegal to have a sexual intercorse with a minor thus they can ask for bribe money to be kept it quiet.

The better ways to start sugar dating rather than using Twitter


The best places to look for legit sugar daddies are sugar dating clubs followed by sugar dating apps. People can find higher quality daddies in those clubs than apps.

Do not worry, those clubs are easy to join and operate.

You can also try using dating/matching apps but it is not so recommendable.


Differences between Sugar Dating apps and Twitter

Sugar Dating Apps Twitter

・there are some scammers

・looking for friends with benefits90%, sugar daddies 10%

aiming for meaningless sex and other inappropriate desire
Financial background

・some regular office workers

・20% of high earners

・freelancers, part-timers

・some regular office workers

・clubs have better members

・runaway without pay

・many problems

・a lot of dangerous men

・Nobody to report to

Depending on sugar daddies

・lower rate, no bottom line

・with compulsive sexual activities


STEP1 Make an attractive profile for sugar dating

It is good to have a good profile for sugar dating.
It is standard to have a clear photo, no filter and photo editing.

It is good to use a photo with real likeness because an overly edited photo can lead to disappointment from a sugar daddy at a meeting and unable to agree with a sugar dating contract.

A good profile includes a good reason for sugar dating and a brief bio.

Make sure that when you write the reason, you would not use the word “sugar date”
● I just moved to a city and I would like to earn some money.
●I am studying for a qualification.
●I am saving up for going abroad to study
Those above reasons are good examples.


STEP2 Communicate with sugar daddies using apps’ DM

After initial contacts, it is advisable to exchange a few messages before setting up meetings.

It is a good way for a sugar baby to initiate a move to “like” a male profile or leave your visitation on the profile. Therefore, the male would notice your interest.


STEP3 Negotiate terms and conditions before an actual date with a potential candidate

Once a sugar baby receives a message, it is better to start a negotiation.

Tell the reason for sugar dating and suggest a sugar dating agreement .

After an agreement, set up a date; however, it would be less likely to get paid for the first meeting.

It is vital to set up the initial meet at a known restaurant, the public place would reduce a chance of complication.


STEP 4 Go to an initial meet with caution

It is important to be careful when you meet a sugar daddy for the first time.

It is advisable to avoid a sugar daddy who is asking for sex at the first meet.
It is also good to be vigilant and not share too much personal information with a sugar daddy at the first date.

It is recommendable to set up an agreeable fee before the meeting even though the meet with meal and sex.


Participate as many parties and gatherings as possible to find sugar daddies



Any parties and social gatherings are the best place for social networking. You may not meet any sugar daddies at a particular party, but it may lead to other parties to meet someone new. There is nothing to lose by attending them.
Connecting other sugar babies via Twitter is a good way to get to know other sugar babies.
There are accounts where sugar babies are indicating that they would like to get to know other sugar babies.


Casual visits to famous hotels’ bars and lounges to find sugar daddies

Those bars and lounges are the best place to find sugar daddies. It is the best to go there with one female friend.
Once a potential sugar daddy approaches, it is more likely that the daddy would offer to pay the bills in the end so do not worry too much about the over-priced drinks.
Sugar babies might hasite in the beginning to visit well known hotels but they attract genuent sugar daddy candidates, much better than local bars.


Twitter is a dangerous place for sugar dating. Sugar dating clubs and apps are there specifically for it. Residents of suburban areas are encouraged to use dating/matching apps to find sugar daddies.