Sugar Baby Allowance -What Sugar Daddies will request for?


Sugar Dating Rates: $300-$500(USD)/per date


It’s a no brainer fact that sugar daddies are usually rich and affluent men. They are not the typical salaryman, but company presidents with billions worth of investments.


To sugar daddies, the concept of “500 dollars is a hefty amount of money”, that normal people have may not make sense to them. As the payer, a few hundred dollars may not be a big deal to them.


A majority of sugar daddies have wives, and use these high-class sexual services to satisfy their lust.


But, Sugar Daddies aren’t simply seeking out for young girls to satiate their libidos.

So, what are sugar daddies looking for?

The creator of a sugar dating website, Brandon Wade has said that,
‘This is really as somebody that’s wealthy and he just wants to find love .That’s what it is.’

The secret world of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies | 60 Minutes Australia


In fact, Brandon Wade himself, created a sugar dating website called Seeking Arrangement, for the purpose of finding love and has also personally used it.


The idea of paying for love is nonsense. Seeking Arrangement is for middle age men with no appeal besides being rich to have a chance in love with a young and beautiful woman.


The reality is that there are only few people who are actually trying to find love on a sugar dating website.


Professor Peter Fleming from Sydney’s UTS says that ‘This is for survival.’



‘These are people (Sugar Babies) that are generally economically desperate who need to you know pay for their university fees. This Brandon ways business model has basically found a way to exploit their desperation.‘



Based on a lot of comments, Sugar Daddies are interested because “They’re doing this to feel popular” or “The process of seducing a woman is fun”. One of the main qualities sought out for by sugar daddies is a girl who can maintain a no strings attached relationship, and is able to maintain confidentiality.


Wealthy people do not want to have affairs as it is risky to do so. Besides that, they might also get tired of host clubs. A lot of these people became sugar daddies in order to experience love and enjoy the process of flirting and seducing.


In a sugar daddy discussion, it was once said that qualities in a sugar baby that are sought after is, “a no strings attached sexual companion” and “being able to flirt with a high market value woman”. On top of that, it would be nice to be with a girl that is affectionate to the sugar daddy.


Since the sugar daddy is the main investor and head of management in the business, like an employee, the sugar baby is unable to voice out their opinions. On top of that, if the sugar baby relies on the business to make a living, they may suffer as they cannot simply quit.


In this type of situation, an arrogant sugar daddy would take pride in having the upper hand. Moral values and ethics will be disregarded in this case.

Things that Sugar Babies should be aware of.


By listening to stories told by sugar daddies, being a sugar baby is much more mentally demanding than simply selling your body. A sugar baby who can continuously have a platonic sugar dates are definitely brilliant women.


A common characteristics that sugar daddies share is that, they have a strong libido but they are also super smart. When it comes to their profile as a sugar daddy, they appear to be normal middle aged men. But, they are well versed and educated in regards to business investments, economy and politics.


Therefore, sugar babies are required to have knowledge and intellect. Sugar daddies are not interested in airheads and it is said that Harvard Students are valuable in the “sugar market”.
Sugar daddies will think from a view point as an investor or entrepreneur. Regardless if it’s 500 dollars or 1000 dollars, they will not be satisfied if their companion does not live up to its value. They will not pay 500 dollars, simply because the sugar baby is young.


If sugar daddies simply wanted to be complimented and praised, it would’ve been a better choice to find a hostess instead. Therefore, sugar babies who are unable to keep up with the conversation will have their arrangement ended immediately. (Sugar babies who seem to be disinterested and nonchalant in their conversation, simply because being sugar baby is a momentary thing.)


It is clear that the standards for a sugar baby is especially high. Those sugar babies who are unable to meet those demands may end up selling their bodies to earn money in the sugar market.

Dear. Sugar Babies or those who are planning to join the sugar bowl


If you are currently a sugar baby, or plan to join in the future, please remember these things:
The type of sugar daddy that you should look for is the type to think of “Lifetime Value”, the type of person to look that works in the present while thinking of its future value. The type to look ahead in the future while working, to work with the intent of investing or honing skills in the next ten years.


You should think like that too. Do not be fixated on making fast money immediately to make ends meet. The mindset of making quick money and only thinking for short term will cause you to be poor forever as you will not be motivated to improve. It is important to keep in mind that sugar baby activities also become disadvantageous as they age.


At present, it is even harder to survive the “sugar market” as normal university students are joining too. Therefore there will be stronger competition, but there is only partial demand for sugar babies.


The current sugar industry is different from what is used to be. Now, sugar daddies can only gain popularity among sugar babies by becoming a member of the “Dating Club” (Membership of approximately $10k).


Sugar Dating Apps have features such as facial recognition and annual income confirmation. But, in a recent study, sugar babies from several sugar dating apps have reported that there is less than 20% of decent sugar daddies, and only 1% are good companions.


Based on Wikipedia, Seeking Arrangement has a user base of:
0.2 million Sugar Daddies 
2.6 million Sugar Babies 


In other words, on Seeking Arrangement, out of 1000 people, only 200 of them are decent partners.
In hindsight, among 2.6 Million sugar babies, you would have to be one of the top 1000 to get a good sugar daddy. Even if you compromise, you will still have to be among the top 10,000.


Which probably means that good sugar daddies perhaps already have loyal arrangements with a sugar baby. In can be clearly seen that sugar babies have been differentiated into different caste.


Sugar babies with better networking and social circles will gain more loyalty from elite sugar daddies and of course, sugar daddies will be more inclined to connect with such sugar babies.


If you are a newcomer sugar baby and unable to find a veteran sugar baby with networks to introduce you to a clientele, wouldn’t it be a better choice to quit?


You may be able to find an elite sugar daddy on an app, those who have old money and are evidently wealthy, someone who will have a monthly arrangement with you, but these people are rare to be found. 


On the other hand, it is a higher chance of meeting high-risk users such as sugar daddies who do not have a lot of assets and are looking to be admired or worshipped. These cases can be hard to handle if any accident or trouble occurs.


Those who do not have a good social network will have a higher risk of encountering these men. Being a sugar baby itself is underground work, therefore, it would be safer to be introduced by a source who has experience in the sugar market. The referrer may take up about 30% of commission but it is more important to be safe.


When combining points as listed above,
It would be wise to consider facts such as, “Do I have capable skills to be a sugar baby?” Even without discrediting sugar dating, “Am I able to survive solely by being a sugar baby?”, is another problem to consider.
It is important to remember days of deprivation and poverty, not losing focus of you main goal to improve.


In order to not struggle in the age of AI, you should not work part-time jobs to make ends meet. For rich people, they do not work for the purpose of making temporary money as a makeshift solution.


A rich man thinks of long-term value, they will think about the future value of their current work. Working 10 years from now on, even by working overtime, it isn’t something as simple as passing time, but to invest and improve his skillset in order to earn money in the next 10 years.

Ask Yourself: If you or the people around you are sugar babies



Disregarding ethical issues, as a sugar baby:

① If you can grow to become a rich and reliable person


② If you have a good reason, such as receiving financial aid to pay student loans.


③ If you are a woman capable of providing valuable services on a sugar date.


Is it a good choice to become a sugar baby? Imagine having to confide your secret as a sugar baby to your family and loved ones.


① If you think of it clearly, being a sugar baby is identical to prostitution or host clubs. This is due to the identical nature of the job such as, acquiring information, socializing, being introduced to clientele.


② Whether or not someone has a “morally correct” reason, it is their own business. There are various reasons as to becoming a sugar baby and everyone has subjective opinions.


③ On the long-run it might feel like you are selling your body. Being a sugar baby may be great help to improve living standards, but in reality many feel guilty and regretful.



Whether you regret this decision or not, it is up to you to decide whether or not to use this opportunity as a sugar baby to turn over a new lead and improve your living standard. In order to stay safe as a sugar baby, it is important to learn about these knowledge and protect yourself. Please do not forget what the value of 500 Dollars is to sugar daddies.