Confessions of Ex-Sugar Babies who Lost Everything



Never Again! Former Sugar Baby Regrets

Sugar dating can be a lucrative gig. However, in reality, it is not as great as people think. There are dangers of sugar dating.


There are many women who regret their past being sugar babies and fallen victims of sugar dating.


There are also dangers for sugar daddies by casually trying it out.


To avoid those disappointments, it is very important to know the risks of sugar dating. After reading this article, people can be aware of pros and cons of dating and enjoy it safely.

Life after being sugar babies…



Do all sugar babies regret their past?


That is up to an individual. Thus, there are two opposite opinions regarding this matter: positive and negative.


There are people who lost everything due to sugar dating.


The success stories tend to come from sugar babies who made great transitions after they made enough money. Those people often have good educational backgrounds.


On the other hand, unsuccessful stories often include ex-sugar babies who struggled to keep day time jobs due to getting used to getting easy money.


Some were very confident not to fall into this trap; however, it is common to lose financial normalcy after successful sugar dating.


Those who were addicted to professional sugar dating, they could end up getting jobs in the adult industry such as prostitution, stripping and adult film. Moreover, some also might suffer from unaffordable debt problems.


Sadly, some of them would suffer from the lifetime regret of sugar dating even after their marriage and gaining normal lifestyle.

Life after sugar dating for men…

There are some men who regret sugar dating.


Being blackmailed

Men with status are often targeted blackmailing; sugar dating would be one reason. Some people are asked for hash money.


There is a report of a government official being blackmailed regarding sugar dating but his scandal was published in the media anyway.


Sugar dating is not recommended activity for people with highly regarded legitimate jobs.


Facing divorce and bankruptcy after sugar dating

There are some reports of divorcing after a series of sugar dating.


Some men lost everything after their wives found out about sugar dating.


Some victims lost half of their wealth by divorce and they have to keep paying alimony.


Demanding sugar babies

Some sugar babies are financially very demanding.


Some sugar daddies spend all their money. This result of them being broke.


Especially men who run their own business, it is important to not spend their savings for sugar dating!

Regrettable reasons for sugar babies

It is obvious that there are more females than male who would regret sugar dating past.


Loosing of financial normalcy



It is obvious that getting easy money is addictive. Some girls would not know any other way to make money. Thus they end up with prostitution and being a concubine.


Normal 10 to 5 office jobs would pay 150000 yen to 300000 yen per month; however, sugar dating can bring them the same amount by just being on 4 dates.


This financial benefit is the biggest reason for sugar dating addiction.


After leaving a normal job, it would be hard to get another job then sugar babies would start to regret their past.


Making mistake of terms and conditions of sugar dating

Some sugar babies would go on debt thinking that they can pay off their debts at the end of month from the payment from sugar daddies.


However, most sugar dating contracts are unpredictable.
Sugar dating income is unreliable.
After miscalculating income, some sugar babies are in serious debts.


Permanent mental damage from sexual assaults

Rapes and physical abuse are common for sugar dating.


There are some women who are suffering from those traumas mentally and physically.


Many of them are not able to talk about their problems. And keep it to themselves.

After physical sugar dating = prostitution



There are some sugar babies who are willing to sleep with sugar daddies.


Some would get paid about $1,000 per night but some would just get $200-400.


Some even get into this prostitution business without knowing the right market price.


This results in regretting sugar dating. It is not easy to get a lot of money by sugar dating


Ruining family reputation

Some got a bad reputation among family members due to sugar dating.


It is also hard to find a proper boyfriend when the rumor goes around.
None of the people around a sugar baby want to get married with her.


Thus it is advisable to be secretive about your sugar dating habit to others.


Sugar dating can be costly without a good prep



The most crucial point of sugar dating would be to find the right sugar daddy.


Some would meet up with multiple candidates.


During this search, some sugar babies would encounter some stingy and poor sugar daddies.


Some regret this stage.


There are some sugar daddies who look down on sugar babies;

Things to remember to avoid disappointments



There is some advice from ex-sugar babies.


Keep healthy relationship with money

Consider sugar dating as a bound not regular income.


Moreover, sugar dating is a bond that comes with a risk.


Keep reminding yourself that sugar dating is risky money!
Thus it is wise to invest the money for yourself or save them for the future.


Do not spend the money for your own luxury.
Investments such as studying and the stock market would be advisable.


This is the right way and smart way to use incentive from sugar dating.


Do not sell your body cheaply

Some sugar babies would have sex with sugar daddies.
However, Do not have sex at all!


If you enter physical relation with anyone with financial reward, that is prostitution!


Once you enter the world of prostitution, it is very hard to come back to normal occupations.


Prostitution is not a profession! They are not going to give you healthy income and mentality.


Prostitution would not bring hopeful future, sex is not the right way to make money.


Have a stable job, apart from sugar dating



It is important to have a normal job and consider sugar dating as a side job. It might not bring high income but it helps to keep a healthy mentality.


Stable jobs such as civil servants and office workers, their stable income would surpass income from sugar dating in the long term.


People are not able to get steady income from sugar dating more than 10 years.


Even in a short time of sugar dating can change your financial normalcy , it is not worth taking the risk.


Use legitimate sites and places to look for sugar dating opportunities.

People should not look for a date on twitter or social media sites.


It is wise to ask other people who are sugar dating for more detailed information.


The best place to look for a date would be sugar dating matching services / dating clubs.


Some people might feel overwhelmed by joining them because it makes sugar dating too official.


For sugar babies who are interested in appearances of sugar daddies, there are members’ only languages they can join.


People can reduce the risks by joining those clubs and lunges.


For newcomers, it is recommended to use those services or sugar dating apps.

Recommendable dating clubs

What a dating club?


Normally, dating clubs have an official licence from the government to run its service. It is a selective club and generally, a man picks a woman for a date.


Once a reservation is made, a staff member is going to help to set up the first date.


Using this kind of service, the sugar dating fee would be much higher than a private dating agreement.


Normally, male members are interviewed individually for its selection process which makes higher security for legitimate sugar dating.


If something happens, female members can contact the office to complain which might result in some legal action.


Some of those dating clubs are run by talent management productions. Thus, they do look for members who are attractive.

To sum up!



It is important to remember that sugar babies need to be careful about keeping financial normalcy and how they spend their earnings from sugar dating.


Sugar dating can have positive outcomes if they are careful about the consequences. However, it is up to an individual.