Secret Benefits Scammer Research


Secret Benefits is a sugar dating platform, its head office is the capital city of Cyprus. It has been operating for more than 5 years now.

Secret Benefits has somehow known to have diverse members, they have a healthy number of online reviews to show that there are enough active members.

Their pay as you go style service is unique and with a video verification process, it would be hard to bump into scammers on this site.

Secret Benefits members


Users who were verified have their badges on their profiles’ pictures thus it’s easy to find who are ligitalte users.


Some users have very empty profiles, but other users can see whoever online from the sign below the username.


Users can see whoever online and message them directly. Messaging is free for sugar babies; however, sugar daddies need to pay to read messages.


A lot of users are sharing authentic personal photos which makes Secret Benefits is a platform with less chances to encounter scammers.


This profile has 9 photos to share, they are also believable choices.


An interesting choice of a profile, this is maybe a photo from an actual sugar dating?He has 9 photos on the profile.


This profile has a very detailed biography. The diversity is quite visible.


The quality is a bit dark for a profile photo but these 6 photos show his personality well.


It is a very simple profile, it is very clear and easy to understand; his legitimacy is not very clear but again, getting in touch with sugar daddies is free of charge.


This profile has a photo verification badge.


Another very simple profile. After google image search for this photo, but nothing came up on the result.


This shows that this profile photo is not a stock photo. Even though the photo is presented as professionally shot.

Secret Benefits Online Scammer review


Sitejabber has 233 Secret Benefits reviews; it is surprisingly a lot for an online sugar dating site which operates from Cyprus. Some of their competitors often get double digits review posts here.

This could be that Secret Benefits does not offer an app service and places for users to leave reviews are those review sites.


The most negative reviews about fake profiles are from male members who are expressing their doubts because they have to pay to read their messages.

Some reviews are recent that shows Secret Benefits has active users.


This alarming post is about how this site generates fake messages for male users to spend their money to read them.

For sugar babies, this site is free to use.


This is another post which is expressing the fake message which might be generated by the site. But this post also shares his experience of Secret Benefits customer service. He praised them.


Trustpilot has 365 mostly positive reviews. Again, this is a very surprising number.

Although some reviews are expressing finding a partner? Which is a very strange comment to write about sugar dating service. Normally, people would not look for a partner on sugar dating sites.


The negative review was about even verified sugar babies not replying to his message after those initial messages from them.

Secret Benefits customer service replied to this post; that shows the customer representatives are working online to help its customers and try to keep its reputation.

Secret Benefits Scammer Verdict


Due to Covid 19 world pandemic, the online or just general dating industry is getting hit hard. Secret Benefits does not offer any vertical dating options thus there are not a lot of things they can do on this site but exchanging messages.

As sugar babies, Secret Benefits is not a troublesome site to find a date safely, since they do not have to spend money to get a date. However, for sugar daddies, they might want to be careful about who is sending messages.

Users are easily able to report scammers from the Help section.

There are no major scandals regarding this service, a lot of users are happy enough to post their successful stories about using this service thus Secret Benefits is relatively safe from scammers.