Risk of Dating Apps; How come looking for love turns into dangerous!?


Dating Apps-Latest News

1-”When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous”

ABC News
(Year 2018)
The man she met on a dating app turned out to be a abusive and violent person. The problem with online dating is the risk of meeting strangers who may cause harm and put your life in danger.
Dating profiles online can be completely made up, so it is only after meeting someone for the first time that the true person’s character might comes out.
Unfortunately for this woman, she met someone who had committed crimes and one of it was to someone else he met on online dating.


2-”Dating app murder suspect seemed like ‘dream guy”

ABC News

Anyone who encounters red flags with someone they met in online dating should immediately cut all communications with the person and report them to proper authorities.
Reporting to the dating app or website about suspicious accounts and profiles is advisable. Do not wait for things to get worse.
Stop meeting anyone you are not sure of, it is your responsibility to not become a victim of crimes that stem from online dating.


”Abusive Gangs Assault and Extort Gay Men On Queer Dating Apps”

The Logical Indian
(Year 2019)
For some, Dating Apps are used to meet up with unsuspecting victims. Violence towards LGBTQ in the news, individuals who carry hate towards members of LGBTQ target them on dating apps and will beat them up and steal from them when they meet for a date.
Being hateful individuals, these criminals target LGBTQ because they do not accept their lifestyle choices and see them as easytargets.


”Warning for millions of Americans using online dating apps”

ABC News
(Year 2017)
Warning to users of Plenty of Fish and Tinder, popular dating apps and websites.
Desperate people will do anything to make a quick buck, early on when the technology of the internet, computers and gadgets was in its early stages (1999-2004) people were scammed in emails, but now with online dating going mainstream, this platform has become a target for criminals looking for their victims.

Criminals will make fake accounts to lure their victims and rob them when they get a chance to meet them.
I have to admit that in this day and age its a good way to meet new people, it should be safe but be cautious of who you interact with, and only meet with someone you are sure and feel safe with.
Better have a plan when meeting someone new, like bringing a friend or meeting at a secure location.


”Woman catches online dating scam”

WCPO.com | 9 On Your Side
(Year 2016)

Anything that’s too good to be true has a catch. Do not fall for profiles and stories that seem unbelivable.
Most importantly, do not provide personal information to anyone you just encountered online.


”We Find Them: Mr. Right Turns Out Wrong”

ABC News
(Year 2011)
Similar stories come from people who get scammed online. Fake pictures and fake profiles are used to lure victims.
Be careful of people who ask for things and want you to send them money, dating apps and websites do not take responsibility for people who use fake profiles to scam people for money and other monetary gains. These people are not easy to track down so better play safe.


”Man lured through dating app, Plenty Of Fish, gets robbed and carjacked”

ABC Action News
(Year 2016)
Take responsibility when signing up for a dating website. It is getting more and more common for people to date and get into a relationship with someone they get to know online.
There is an element of surprise when getting to know someone on online dating because you never know what they are really like until you finally meet them in person.
Do not meet anyone in a location where it is risky to you and there is high potential for them to do a hit and run. It would be advisable to meet for the first time someone from online dating in a public place, not far from a police station and commercial areas. Any place where you will not be secluded is recommended.


”Crime Watch Daily: The Dangers of Dating Apps Exposed”

True Crime Daily
(Year 2015)
The hookup culture via online apps and websites have been widespread since its launch about 20 years ago. It has become more and more accessible since the rise of android phones, iPhones, tablets and other high tech gadgets.
When life gives us conveniences such as the ease of meeting potential life partners and speed dating online, it doesn’t come without a price.
Some people get scammed for money, others get hurt not knowing what they get themselves into and others lose everything.
People get seriously hurt from physical attacks and even get murdered from encounters from online dating. Be careful of who you meet and interact with on these platforms.


”Crime Watch Daily: Search for Killer in Dating App Death – Pt. 1”

True Crime Daily
(Year 2015)
These people got in trouble for meeting strangers online. This couple who were dating was in an open relationship, one went missing, authorities had a hard time tracking down the person he met online since pictures and profiles can be just made up.

The person missing wasn’t the only victim, his family, his partner and his friends lost him.


”Crime Watch Daily: Search for Killer in Dating App Death – Pt. 2”

True Crime Daily

The victim was murdered. He was a young man living in the U.S.A. who came from European immigrants. He was homosexual and was in an open relationship.
The killer has not been identified and the case remains unsolved.
Going online for a date has its pros and cons.
The cons were heavier in this situation. Online dating can be a dangerous affair so anyone using it should take caution.

Avoid Risks or Danger

All incidents are caused by malicious users.
App service companies won’t be held responsible.

  • ●Be suspicious who you are interacting
  • ●Meet in a public place
  • ●Do not trust their profile include pictures