Pairs-Japanese Online Dating:How to Resist


Pairs Resistration Step

Resist Web ver., then log into the app is easiest way.


Access to Pairs→ https://www.pairs.lv/


You don’t have Facebook account? SMS Log-in

Resist your phone number


  • Facebook account must be
    • You’re 18 years old plus
    • 10 friends or more
    • SINGLE

How to Search

Profile Search


New Face Search

Just resisted in 3days!


Community Search

Many of members meet from communities.

There are 100,000 kind of community in Pairs.
“I like Italian food”, “I like traveling abroad”,”My hobby is that finding nice cafe shops”…lots!


Can I fully trust Pairs?

The answer is NO! There are some demerits.


【Under 18 years old】
Basically it is impossible, some have borrowed her sister’s identification card and registered.
However, this is a rare case.


【18 years old, but a high school student
High school students are forbidden to register by Pairs rules.
However, it’s possible to resist with their 18 years old ID.


【Pretty Women within 3 days of Registering】
Doubt, if the women newly registered.
They might be scam. As soon as Pairs support found them, their account is deleted. And then they try to resist different name as a new account.

【YouTube】How to resist Pairs

(Japanese Caption)

【YouTube】How to unsubscribe Pairs

What type of women are members?


<Women’s age -Pairs>


age number of members
18-19 17,376
20-24 226,065
25-29 335,502
30-34 205,355
35-39 102,294
40-44 56,248
45-49 31,417
50plus 25,309


Many of Women members are 20s. Mostly, they are living in big city as Tokyo or around the city.

Pairs Fee

Fee Credit Card AppleID
One Month JPY3,480 JPY4,100
Three Months JPY2,280 per Month

JPY3,400 per Month
Six Months JPY1,780 per Month

JPY2,300 per Month
Twelve Months JPY1,280 per Month

JPY1,650 per Month

Pairs WEB ver / App ver Comparison

  WEB ver. App ver.
Fee maru-mark batsu-mark
Easy to look at Profiles nijyu maru-mark
Advertisement Less More
Control Notices batsu-mark maru-mark
Manage Payment maru-mark sankaku-mark