OkCupid Customer Service Review


OkCupid is a well known online dating service, it has been in operation for 17 years. It is the same family group of Match.com.

They would offer a detailed user manual which includes blogs, social media and support pages. Their customer support system is in place.

How to get in touch with OkCupid customer representative ( on their platform )


Users can get hold of all their information from the bottom of their web page. Users can also see the support tab.


From the Support tab, users can contact their customer service directory in two different ways.


One way would be that there is a pop up function on the website services by clicking the blue underlined section which is next to the Origami icon. Users can get in touch with them this way.

How to get in touch with OkCupid customer representative ( outside of their platform )

People can also use [email protected] this address to get in touch with them.


I personally got an automatic response right after sending my initial email to them. Thus this email address is currently working.


I personally received a reply from the customer service within 24hours of reaching out. This shows that the customer representatives are there to help.

OkCupid customer representative online presence


OkCupid customer representatives used to respond to negative reviews online; however, those responses stopped about a few years ago.

It is a slightly worrying fact because all those negative reviews could be very creditable. Moreover, there are full of them on the app stores as well as review sites.

OkCupid customer representative Verdict


OkCupid customer support is sufficient, they offer different types of help to its customers. As it is run by a well known company, this would be expected.

OkCupid customer support is there online to help their users. They are easy to get hold of and approachable.

Since OkCupid’s reputation is not going up, they no longer replying to negative reviews online. This shows that OkCupid is facing some sort of problems, it could be technical and ethical.

Also, online dating is getting popular thus the competition amongst providers has been fierce. They might be focusing on answering existing and current customers.