Long distance relationships work for people who meet through online dating apps?

Travelling is now cheaper, with the rise of low-cost airlines in the last ten years, and it’s evident on social media how so many people are country hopping these days whenever they get a chance to travel.
Even if you can afford to travel, whenever you are a tourist in your place of destination, your schedule will be full of activities and touristy things to do that you will most likely not have the time to meet someone new and go on a date with them.
Unlike travelling being online takes you places in an instant, you get to see what’s out there at the convenience of your own home or office. All you have to do is click, register, make your own profile, swipe left, swipe right and that’s really it. That is online dating for you.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Apps

Online dating is a bit more tricky because it is like taking a look at someone’s resume, you look at their photo and see what they do, if they work or if they’re still in school, their hobbies, what they like doing and anything else they want to put on there.
So you will have to be willing to accept what’s on their profile if you find someone you are interested in and that means judging a book by it’s cover when viewing online dating profiles.
Yes, it can be shallow to have to be like this but that’s how it works. We are living in fast times. Technology and the digital age made us this way.

Using Technology for Dating

In the digital age we are in, online dating is no different from meeting someone in a grocery store and hitting it off. Things online are a faster way of doing things.
Online means anywhere, you can be communicating with someone a mile away or someone in a different time zone, in a different country, with a very different culture from yours and they may not even be speaking the same language as you.
So it is very instant and convenient going the online route when you are looking for someone to have a long distance relationship with.
The one thing about online dating that I see an advantage in is you can choose whoever you want and you will get a lot of choices, choices you are not used to having.
This can often bring a fresh perspective on things, you discover what is out there and going out of your comfort zone can help with your personal growth and development. You will get to see people you are not used to seeing, from different backgrounds and cultures, maybe even meeting someone from the other side of the city you never bump into.
There is definitely an element of mystery, not always a good thing and can sometimes be dangerous, but still different and new can be good, it can give you a fresh perspective on things and maybe even find a thing or two new about yourself.
The times of finding a partner in a more traditional and conservative way, like during schooling or someone at work, is getting to be more and more old fashioned these days. Remember when people had pen pals, they write letters to each other and if there’s chemistry the courtship starts with more intimate letters being written and sent out, that’s so old school now.
Now, we have email and social media to speed things up a thousand times. Online dating is hyper speed. It is speed dating times a million. You can be at home and swiping through a hundred profiles in five minutes.
All of this on your touch screen phone ready to be used, you don’t even have to bother shaving or combing your hair or worry what you will wear outside, you can stay at home and have access to this technology, it’s all there for you to be used.
A study about this can be read here:”How Technology is Changing Dating

The thing with online dating is it clicked with a lot of people very fast when it was new, they liked the idea of chatting and finding someone online and with this many developers took advantage and found ways to market their own versions of dating websites and apps.
Ideally for the more techie and younger generation, most of them would be in their 20’s and 30’s but really anyone who uses it can be of any age.
Use of online dating sites or mobile apps by young adults has nearly tripled since 2013
Pew Research Center

When it comes to any kind of dating, online or not, the only thing that really matters is that if you click with someone you should find a way to make it work and if they do the same then you have a deeper relationship that can lead to romance or marriage for those looking to get married. Location and distance apart doesn’t really matter. It is the quality of communication you have with them.
The challenge of being in a long distance relationship is that you need to find the extra time, energy and patience to make it work. It takes more effort to communicate with someone who is located in a different city or country and meeting him or her in person will be way more seldom than regular couples. Hey, if it works it works, long distance relationship or not.

Do online dating apps promote long distance relationships?


I don’t think online dating apps promote long distance relationships and here’s why: the apps are made to sell a service, that service just happens to be matching people and showing profiles so you can pick and choose who you want to contact.
Dating apps have different marketing strategies, so some might be focusing on pairing people under 30 years old, while another one might be trying to bring people together who have the same taste in music. There are so many dating apps out in the market that you can find almost anything for a very specific niche.
Online dating is for convenience and that can mean finding an easier match with someone abroad.

Long Distance Relationships in the Digital Age


E-mails, messenger, Facebook and so much more, we all have these. I think it is ideal using dating apps to meet someone outside the area or country you live in.
If you want to meet someone local, all you really have to do is go to a local bar or singles meetup in your area or let a friend pair you up with some. I have a hunch that people like this are the ones who dislike and criticize online dating.