Finding a Partner Based on DNA? A unique way of getting married.

Getting sick of finding the best partner? Or would you find a partner based on DNA?
Finding a partner based on DNA is becoming in the limelight.
Some of you may have looked for a partner based on personality, income, age, religion…etc Nowadays, thousands of Japanese people are starting a new way of finding in partner.

What’s DNA Matchmaking Service?

It’s a service which helps you find a partner based on your genes.

What does it even mean?

The company, DNA compass, claims that the type of people we’re into is determined by the very same internal code.
Your body produces human sex pheromones (signals) to other genders.
When a potential partner detects these pheromones, it creates ‘chemistry‘.
In Japan, they give you a card like this. This shows you how compatible you are with the partner. If it says more than 70%, you have genetic match with the partner.
They only talk to the partner only based on genes. They don’t show their face, occupation, age, and income to others.

HLA Gene Complex for Matches

The genetic matching service company find matches based on the “HLA gene complex” that captures immunity.
There are more than 10,000 types of HLA genes. This genetic type shows if those who have similar genetic type are incompatible with each other as heterosexuals.
However, if those who have different genetic type are considered as a match.
A Swiss group proves that “at least one type of gene people find difference sexy and sameness boring — and that they use their noses to tell which is which.”
The New York Times
Pretty much, a lot of people look for a partner by finding difference sexy and boring.
The article also says,

their offspring would have immune systems diverse enough to fight as many diseases as possible.

DNA Testing

Usually, they test your genetic from saliva because the majority of DNA in saliva comes from white blood cells.
Some company just sends you a kit like other DNA testing company. And you just send it back to them so that you can get results.

What about the price? Is it expensive?

Some website says applicants need to pay 32,400 Japanese yen, plus 54,000 yen for DNA testing. Wow, it’s around US$800 cost (June 2019 rate).
However, I found a website called DNA Compass offers a lower price.
In this website, DNA testing is completely free for now. They take a subscription plan which is 3980 yen every month. (roughly US$37 per month)

“DNA Dating Event” Review

The DNA matched partner was too far…. than my ideal one.


It sounds sketchy but kinda interesting. The participants’ average income should be higher since “DNA Dating Event” is really expensive.


I wanna look for friends through this service. lol


People who have tried “DNA Dating Event”

Person AA (39 years old Female participant)

No Sure if I can trust the test result.

“Participants were 18 people (9 males and 9 females). It’s interesting to see how people went through the papers rather than looking at the partner’s face or body.
This is my compatible ratio to males;
Person A 71.8%  
Person B 62.0%  
Person C 79.3%  
Person D 74.7%  
Person E 86.1%  
Person F 79.2%  
Person G 70.3%  
Person H 83.2%  
Person I 87.3%
Surprisingly, most of them are more than 70 %. ”


So, so

“DNA dating event was very similar to the any other Speed Dating Party.

One thing totally different from normal one was both female and male had to wear a mask to hide their face. ”


Not Very Good

“People tend to judge the other sex by face, and it is likely to be out of love if it is not a preferred face type.

However, if you hide the face, it seems that the judgment in appearance will disappear. But honestly, since I can see lower part of the face, it emphasizes more like bad teeth or filthy beard. ”


Depends on the Timing…maybe…

“The most compatible one I met was a 24 years old male participant. Since I am a lot older than him, he seems very confused.”



“Although I tried a DNA dating party, I did not get any contact info from male users or none of them asked my contact info. It was a complete failure.”

Is “DNA matchmaking service” Worth it?

What’s fundamentally different from the normal “dating service event” or party is that you can find the biological affinity before you meet the person.
It will be an effective support for people who couldn’t date someone who lives completely from your life. The opposite sex would not judge you based on your appearance, social status, or personality as long as you do not show your personal information.
However, the company possibly uses your DNA information for other uses. I’m little worried since those people are unaware of privacy concerns.
This article shows “DNA data is sometimes shared with or sold to third parties for use in research.”
Source: “DNA Testing Is Popular, But Many Are Unaware of Privacy Concerns
There is always potential for misuse of data.

Testing Your DNA?

There are so many kits or apps you can find your DNA. Even you can find a kit on amazon ($69).
You can pretty much find your ethnicity based on this kit.
I do not recommend you to try very inexpensive one or one not has good reviews.
This article shows he got 6 different results by taking 9 different commercial DNA tests.
Source: I Took 9 Different Commercial DNA Tests and Got 6 Different Results.
Be suspicious when you are buying a kit.


Fig. 1 by University of California
Today, I introduced a new way of finding a partner in Japan. It may be a good way of finding a partner rather than finding a partner based on appearance or social status.
However, I will take it for a while before trying this service. There is a possibility of spreading my DNA data used for something I did not expect.