Jolly.me Customer Support Review


Jolly.me is a fee paying dating service originated from the USA. free members can only browse profile pictures.

Jolly.me does not have much presence online which is very unusual for a dating service. They are trying to push up this by offering free membership by posting positive reviews.

They also do not have much social media activities as well. They seem not to have any definite staff to promote this service. Their social media accounts have not been update at least 2 years.

Jolly.me Customer support Verdict

Jolly.me Customer support Zendesk is a professional customer service provider thus they provide a high standard service.

They are easy to get hold of and they reply messages promptly and give apropolate information as well.

How to contact Jolly.me Customer support representative

There is a sign at the bottom of their page

When users click the sign, this new page would appear.

People can also use this button to submit a question

Alternatively, people can use the email [email protected]

Jolly.me customer support representative would reply messages with proper answers promptly.

Jolly.me Customer support operation company Zendesk.com


“Zendesk is an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007.” by wiki

Other dating services such as Orchard Romance, Sugarbook also use this service.

Online Presence

Jolly.me Customer support has zero online presence. This could be understandable since they use an external customer support. However, Zendesk also offers replying to reviews online, thus Jolly.me preferably does not subscribe to their online replying survive.

Also, Jolly.me has only one review page on trustpilot, there is no review page for their app service.

Online Review


Since they offer free memberships to people who post positive reviews on this site, naturally there are a lot of positive reviews about Jolly.me customer service representatives.