IMVU Customer Support Review


IMVU is a 3D averter based gaming platform, users are able to enjoy meeting people in an online metaverse; they can meet and chat together. Moreover, users are also able to make real money by creating items to sell such as outfits.

Users can use and earn VCOIN on IMVU. VCOIN is a virtual currency and people can exchange to real currencies such as US Dollar.

IMVU is a popular site for people in Generation Z in the USA, there are more female users than male users. Currently, they are getting more users and increasing their popularity due to expanding their service to virtual currency ustage.

How to contact IMVU Customer Support Representatives


IMVU Customer Support has its own page. There is enough contact information about them. There is even a live chat service available to only VIP users. https://about.imvu.com/contact


People are even able to get in touch with them using postal service. However, non-users can not get in touch with them from outside of the service to ask for help via emails.


Users can get in touch with IMVU Customer Support representatives from the Contact Us section with in the service.


Users can pick a subject and type in questions.


Then this acknowledgment would show up.


Also, there would be an email of the acknowledgment as well to the registered email address.


After that, the same repeated messages kept coming. However, they did not give an answer to the question. This could be a bot operation.

Online Presence


Interestingly, IMVU Customer Support Representative has one very active online presence: Google App Store. They are constantly leaving reply messages to review posts there. However, they do not do so on any other sites including Apple App Store.

IMVU Customer Support Representative Verdict


IMVU Customer Support Representatives are there to support their users. They have a good amount of information in their help section. Majority of questions can be answered by reading the section.

It is easy for users to get in touch with them. However, users might not get the exact answer swiftly.

They have only an online presence on Google app store which is a strange operation. They are replying to negative comments on this page regularly. Thus the android app is getting special attention.