Hokkaido Japan 6 Meetup Spots Recommendations


As everyone knows, Hokkaido is a place with a snowy climate. Therefore, it’s recommended to meet at an easily accessible area.

One of the more common stereotypes is that most Hokkaido women have a pale complexion with prim and proper personalities. It is important to leave a good first impression by choosing a meet-up spot that is easy to understand and access. There are a lot of women who are passionate about romance, so

I will recommend a few locations around the train station where you can meet and go on a date immediately afterwards.

Sapporo city

Sapporo has been designated as the prefecture government office in Hokkaido. It is the fourth city after Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. One of the major features of Sapporo is it’s expansive area. Albeit Sapporo being a big city, snow removal and ice-thawing for roads are carried out so that there will be little impact on transportation. In this article I will introduce a few meeting spots in Hokkaido.

1. Kane no Hiroba (Bell Square)

Location Access
Arrive immediately after exiting North exit of Sapporo Station

(comments on Instagram) “The reception for tour registration is now open.”

Bell Square (KANE NO HIROBA) is an iconic meet-up spot. The pros of this location is that it is indoors so it won’t be affected by rain or snow. Since it’s a popular location, the downside is that it might be hard to locate your date if you do not know their facial features or clothes beforehand. On top of them, there is a possibility of bumping into holiday tour groups.
Map: Kane no Hiroba (Bell Square)

2. Mister Donut

Location Access
Mister Donut right next to Sapporo Station exit

(comments on Instagram) “Currently at Mr. Donut”

The best meeting spot is said to be a place well-known by locals. If you’re meeting with someone for the first time at a famous location, you may mistake someone else as your date. Therefore, it is recommended to meet up at a less popular place for the first time. The disadvantage to this location is that since it’s close to the train station gate, there will be a lot of people passing by. I would not recommend this location to anyone who feels uncomfortable being seen by acquaintances.

Map: Mister Donut

3. Susukino Izakaya-En

Location Access
Immediately from Susukino Train Stationすすきの駅からすぐ

(comments on Instagram) “Charcoal grilled food at Susukino Izakaya “En” is super delicious. There’s an oyster platter of 3 different variety and a sashimi bowl with 5 variation of fish.”

This izakaya (pub) is suitable for people who enjoy drinking alcohol and the location is close to the train station. The advantage of this location is that it’s slightly noisy, which is suitable for a first meeting to avoid awkwardness. The disadvantage is that the person may have an ulterior motive for something more physical, therefore it is important to do your research on them beforehand.
Map: Susukino Izakaya-En

4. Sapporo Clock Tower

Location Access
5 minute walk from Odori Station Bus Stand

(comments on Instagram) “Wating for someone now at Sapporo Clock Tower.”

The Sapporo Clock Tower is a well-known tourist spot so it’s easy to locate it. It is also suitable as a sightseeing date spot. Albeit being easily accessible by bus, the disadvantage of it is that you may be late to the date if the bus is delayed due to snow. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your time accordingly to the weather.
Map: Sapporo Clock Tower

5. Sky Garden (Sora no Garden)

Location Access
Esta 11th floor rooftop directly connected to Sapporo Station

(comments on Instagram) “Currently strolling at Sky Garden. The atmosphere here is you have entered another world”

Sora no Garden is a garden directly connected to Esta Sapporo Train Station’s rooftop. You can enjoy seasonal flowers in the open air environment, casually talking to the bubbly women of Hokkaido. On the down side, this location is not suitable for bad weather, therefore I would recommend going to this place during a sunny day.
Map: Sky Garden (Sora no Garden)

Asahikawa City

Asahikawa City is the second city in Hokkaido where nature and urban buildings come together in harmony. There are department stores here, so you can do a wide range of things such as shopping or dining.

6. OKUNO Asahikawa Branch

Location Access
Approximately 500m away from Asahikawa Station

(comments on Instagram) “I found Asahikawa’s Okuno.”

The good thing about OKUNO Asahikawa Branch is that you do some shopping while waiting for your date to arrive. In this location, you can enjoy shopping with fashionable Hokkaido women and have a meal date with them. The disadvantage is that you will need to walk for a bit from the train station to reach this location.
Map: OKUNO Asahikawa Branch


A lot of the reviews have stated that, in Hokkaido, people usually meet at a place that is easily accessible and easy to understand. It is preferred to not go to a popular location since it can be confusing and easy to mistaken someone else for your date. When meeting someone from the internet for the first time, I would avoid a popular spot. I would recommend waiting around Starbucks or Mister Donut. But, considering the fact that you’re waiting for someone else, fast food chains such as restaurants are unpopular choices. Keep in mind that women hate having their first dates at a fast food restaurant.