Hiroshima Japan Meetup Spots Recommendations


Hiroshima is a prefecture in the Chugoku Region facing the Seto Inland Sea.


This prefecture is a popular tourist area with many attractions such as Itsukushima Shrine, which is a World Heritage Site and the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Women in Hiroshima are said to be bubbly and optimistic. Due to their open-mindedness and optimistic personality, they are easy to socialize to as a friend or be in a relationship with.

In this article, I would like to introduce some meet-up spots in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Meet-up spots at Hiroshima City

Hiroshima City is said to embody the characteristics and personality of Hiroshima Prefecture’s residents. There is the stereotype of Hiroshima residents having ‘easily heated and cooled’ kind of personalities and being optimists.

I would like to recommend you to some meet-up places that suits the women of Hiroshima.


1.Silver Fountain at Hiroshima Station South Exit

Location Access
Arrive immediately at Hiroshima Station

(comments on Instagram) “Sometimes I wonder if the butt shaped fountain is sexual harassment. Now it’s shining more than ever.”

There are a lot of trams in Hiroshima City, the meet-up spot is located to be easily accessible as the trams are commonly used. Besides that, there are Okonomiyaki restaurants around the area. It is suitable as a meal for locals and also for people from other prefectures. Since the surrounding environment is open-air, you can meet them in an open and wide space. The disadvantage of this is that since it is outdoor, I would not recommended this place for certain weathers.

Map Silver Fountain at Hiroshima Station South Exit


2.Café connected to FUKUYA at Hiroshima Station

Location Access
2 minute walk from Hiroshima Station

(comments on Instagram) “I left Hiroshima Daiichi Theatre and went to the train terminal. There was no one in front of the camera shutter and Meg started singing. I have finally achieved my dream of being a top guitarist, and I want to continue seeing my dreams come true.”

Fukuya is close to Hiroshima Station and it is an easy to understand location. There aren’t as many people in this location, so it is suitable place to meet-up at for the first time.

On top of that, there are souvenirs and local delicacies around the area, so it is enjoyable for people coming to Hiroshima for the first time. The down side of meeting up at a cafe is that you can’t leave immediately if you don’t click well.
Map: Café connected to FUKUYA at Hiroshima Station


3.In front of PARCO

Location Access
3 minute walk after getting off at Hatchobori Station

(comments on Instagram) “Mariyagi Accessories is available at PARCO 1F. I would like to buy all of them but that would be tough for my dad.”

The centre of Hiroshima (also known as “Downtown” by the locals), there are many cafes and restaurants along the main street. After meeting up at Parco, the locals usually go to cafes and restaurants to enjoy a classic meal date.

The advantage of this location is that Hiroshima locals will not have to think twice for directions when going to Alice Garden or Parco. On the other hand, the demerit is that there are a lot of people passing by, so there is the possibility of meeting acquaintances.

Map: In front of PARCO


4.Mc Donald’s at Hiroshima Station

Location Access
3 minute walk from Hiroshima Station

(comments on Instagram) “Checking in from the Hiroshima’s Mc Donald. I really hate the rain.”

This is a suitable location because there is some distance away from the Hiroshima Station and there are less passerby. But, please be aware that some girls dislike meeting-up at the McDonald.

Map: Mc Donald’s at Hiroshima Station


5.Fukuya Hiroshima Station Store’s 10th Floor, next to the Junkudo escalator

Location Access
5 minute walk from the South Exit Hiroshima Station

(comments on Instagram) “Fukuya Hiroshima’s book awards nomination.”

Fukuya is a department store but there are different exits, so I decided to set the meeting spot on the 10th floor. Because there is only one escalator, I have smoothly met up with a man from a dating app before. Since it is a bookstore, I thought of specifying the location at the bookshelves area but I thought that the counter might change location. Therefore, I decided to designate the location at the escalator.

Fukuya is right from the south exit of the station through the underground, and there is an elevator that goes up the entrance to Fukuya from the basement. Even if your date is late, you would not get bored inside the bookstore.

Map: Fukuya Hiroshima Station Store’s

Meet-up locations at Onomichi City in Hiroshima City

Onomichi, located at the Southeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, faces the Onomichi Dam which runs between Mukaishima and has prospered since ancient times as a port, a commercial center, and a maritime transportation hub. I would like to recommend some meet-up spots for Onomichi, a city rich in nature.



6.In front of Green Hill Hotel from Onomichi Station South Exit

Location Access
5 minute walk from the south exit of Onomichi Station

(comments on Instagram) “This is where I’m staying at for today and tomorrow.”

When meeting at Onomachi Station, it is recommended that you walk by tourist attractions such as Senkoji Temple and the shopping streets from the south exit, you will definitely be able to find Green Hill Hotel. However, be aware of the dangers when meeting in front of the hotel.

Map: Green Hill Hotel


When reading reviews about meeting spots in Hiroshima, some places may require a vehicle but most of the locations are easily accessible. On top of that, the people of Hiroshima prefer an easily understandable location to avoid trouble. Take these points into consideration.