4 Things You Need to know about Cougar dating sites! How much money can make?


There are 4 must things to look out for Cougar dating sites

There are so many online dating services nowadays. Each service would target different people and try to offer unique and original services.

Obviously, not all online dating services are for cougar dating. There are 4 must things to look out for, see below.

  • ●A lower fee
  • ●A reasonable number of women in their 30s
  • ●A good responding rate from cougars
  • ●An easy operation system

A Lower Fee


It is not wise to spend a lot of money before starting cougar dating. Thus it is important to compare the membership fees.

A Reasonable Number of Women in Their 30s

It is very important for a service to have a very good number of women in their 30s to experience great cougar dating.
Without the number of women, it is difficult to meet an ideal person. Thus this number is essential for cougar dating.

A Good Responding Rate from Cougars

The second most important point would be a good response rate from cougars.
This rate can be connected to the ratio between male and female members. The popularity of a site is not so important here.

An Easy Operation System plus Safety

There are various operation systems amongst online dating services. However, safety would be one of the most important points to check.

There are 4 must things to have for cougar dating site,

  • ●A lower fee
  • ●A reasonable number of women in their 30s
  • ●A good responding rate from cougars
  • ●An easy operation system

That is all.

How much money can you actually make by cougar dating?


Everyone would be curious about how much money a person can actually make by being a sugar boy.
First, let me explain to you how much actual money a person can make from cougar dating.

There are two different kinds of courage dating payments: monthly and pay as you go.

See below

Pay as you go

activities duration fee
A date at a restaurant or a cafe/ going for a drive  1~2 hours USD 50-100
A date at a restaurant at night time 2~3 hours USD 100-150
An overnight stay or going for a holiday/ vacation 1 night USD 200-500

*all expense would be paid by a cougar

Pay as you go would be like a trial date.

This would be enough for pocket money. But it would be hard to make a lot of money by going for Pay as you go dates.

If you want to aim for a higher fee which is USD1000-, you need to provide a great service at the first meet so it would lead to regular dates.

An average market

Once a cougar agrees to have regular dates, she would propose a fee. This fee can be varied and it depends on her feelings and finance.

It also depends on a cougar, how often you have dates with her.

The most common regular date would be to meet up once a week for an overnight stay.

With that agreement, the average market would be USD1000-2000 per month.

There are some men who are currently making a few thousand dollars a month by having this kind of arrangement with 2-3 different cougars.

How to meet cougars on online services.


There is a typical way to meet a cougar on online services.

This proved to be the best way to approach a cougar.

Please do take a look!

  1. Find a female who is open about being a cougar on an online dating service
  2. Exchange messages
  3. Set up a date
  4. Go on a date
  5. Exchange contacts and advance to regular engagements

1. Find a female who is open about being a cougar on an online dating service

There are many females the online dating world. A cougar tends to have a profile with “let’s meet up for a coffee” or “let’s meet up for a meal” She would be in her 30s.

2. Exchange messages

Once you find a candidate, it is a good idea to send her a message.
”I saw your gorgeous profile, I would love to meet you in person.”
A persuasive wording to meet up would be a good one to use.
If a cougar wants to meet up, she will reply to the message, after checking out the profile.

3. Set up a date

Normally, a cougar would hint you in a reply with a cougar dating arrangement.

Thus, you can reply to it with Pay as you go average market fee.

With a right average fee, a cougar most likely agrees with the fee and a date.

Finally, set up an actual date and a place/venue.

4. Go on a date

The most important thing to do during the first date would be that you act as if you are a real younger boyfriend.

It does not have to be too friendly or casual but if it’s too formal, most cougars will not get satisfied.

Cougars want to feel the real feelings, they are paying for it. You should give what it’s promised.

5. Exchange contacts and advance to regular engagements

Towards the end of the first date, it is very important to ask for contact details.

This usually means that you would like to meet again because you had a good time.

This can lead to a regular arrangement.

The final decision would be done by the cougar, but if you can act very well as her boyfriend, the first date would lead to a regular arrangement.

Concerning facts about cougar dating!


There are some important facts to look out for when you are serious about cougar dating.
Please take a look!

Prostitution is prohibited

Engaging in sexual intercorse with a cougar can be considered as prostitution.

Sexual intercorse needs to be avoided by all means, even if a cougar asks.

It is better to remind her that sex without real feelings can be a painful experience!

Cougar dating relationship is not a real relationship

After a long period of time of cougar dating, a cougar may ask you to take the relationship to another level.

However, if you do not feel the same, it is NOT advisable to take the step.

The secret of being a successful sugar boy would be that to keep looking for a good cougar who understands the boundary.

Is she married or not?
It is NOT illegal to date a married woman; however, married women need to be approached with caution.

This is because there is a possibility of being sued by a husband.

There is no clear definition of adultery thus, without having sextial intimacy, a husband can sue his wife’s sugar boy.

It is wise to avoid married people because a verdict from court can be problematic.

To sum up


Majority of cougars would get a lot of messages thus they often subscribe to two services at the most.

But as a sugar boy, it is wise to sign up for as many services as possible because you can maximise your chance to meet potential cougars.

The ratio between sugar boys and cougars is not even, thus sugar boys need to be proactive.

It is necessary to subscribe to as many services as possible and start sending as many messages as possible. This is the key for successful cougar dating.