Can I Meet Japanese Girls on Tinder?

There are a lot of free apps, not only Tinder. However, a lot of foreign men do not know what kind of apps Japanese girls use, so and how to communicate with them.


Firstly, you will know the Surprising Fact.
After that, you will see 4 types of Japanese girls using Tinder and learn how you should be at the same time through the article.


If you know, there are more possibilities that you can meet Japanese girls.

Can I Meet Japanese Girls on Free apps like Tinder?

Some Japanese girls would have no intention to meet anybody even if they had a nice chat or looked so fun with you.
Why? The reason is that their purpose is totally different from meeting someone. I’ll give you a few examples.


-Killing time
-Learn/ Improve their English BY ONLINE
-Self Satisfaction to get “Like”


Some girls installed Tinder that friends use it. They do not have any ideas and just know how it is, so may easily uninstall it if they feel bored.
Other girls wanted to learn English. They think it is enough to chat English online.
The other girls just want to be approved. It is similar to get Like on Facebook or get more followers on Instagram. They would be satisfied with seeing a lot of matching.

4 types of Japanese girls using Tinder

First, Girls want to get friends living near around. They moved because of job or school, so they are not used to new surrounding and have no friends.


Second, people who want to get nice Japanese boyfriend. Japanese tend to be unable to speak English compared to foreigners, so people being able to speak English sometimes have higher income or be hopeful. In addition Japanese tend to have the same culture and would live in Japan in the future too. It is also a part of the reasons why they do not choose foreigners.


Third, people who want to get boyfriend and do not mind about nationality even if the man is Japanese or not. They tend to have been abroad more than a few times and known foreigners or had a foreign boyfriend before.


Forth, people who want to get foreign boyfriend. They tend to have not enough experience or knowledge about foreigners and cannot speak English, but they have an ideal to foreigners like a fantasy.

How you should be at Tinder including other apps

First, get to know your targets on Tinder reading above or use it really.


Second, think about how they are. They may want to learn English, get friends and so on.
Girls get using apps get tons of Like, so sometimes ignore messages saying that “Hello! (even if it was Japanese)” . Imagine it. You see a lot of “Hello!” from unknown men whenever opening Tinder. Aren’t you tired a little bit? It may be better to add the sentence about the thing in common in Japanese after reading profile.


However, you will be confused at facing the different situation even if using temporary techniques. So, getting to know others and think how you should be are the keys to meet Japanese girl.