Blind Dating Tips; The Perfect Place to Meet!

How to Choose Meeting Places

The meeting point should be;

  • ●during the day time or evening time before the sun set
  • ●the place with people around
  • ●the spot that is famous/easy to find
  • ●the place that is not so far from the woman’s house


It would be typical that you choose a station, a building or famous meeting spot.
Most of the men just take the risk which might be canceled without letting you know.
Most of women don’t like to meet at night for “Blind Date.”


You chooses a meeting place with many people, it would be difficult to find a woman. I recommend you to choose “the spot with not so many people and the place you can find her easily”.

Places Women Prefer

Many women don’t like meeting their friends by chance during their Blind Date.
It would be good to ask where she prefers.
Meeting friends by chance would have possibility for you, too. So you need to choose the meeting point very carefully.

Worst Places for First Dating

Women Comment

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McDonald on first dating is not very romantic.
Starbucks is crowded, not for blind date.
Like night clubs with loud music are not good either.

If you are planning for long walking in a park, let her know that before. For women, the first date I would like to wear fashionable shoes! They prefer not going with exercise shoes and clothes.

Beach sounds good, but many Japanese women don’t want to get sunburn.
Beach Cafe or restaurants are very good ideas.


You might have to be careful if she forced the meeting point.
She might be a prostitute if she sticks to choose the meeting point.
There are MANY women who purpose are money in Dating apps.
If she is a prostitute, she doesn’t want to change the place to meet. She wants meet you at her “territory.” For her, it would be the risk and loss time to go far from her territory.
She might be a “professional” if she insists and doesn’t want to change the place when you ask another area to meet her.