Aichi Japan 5 Meetup Spots Recommendations


When thinking about Aichi Prefecture, a few things that come to mind would be the golden goldfish at Nagoya Castle and wealthy people who own Toyota cars.

Stereo-typically, the women of Aichi Prefecture have the image of being assertive and express themselves freely. The women of Aichi Prefecture are not passive in regards to romance and actively approach guys. Most of the women may have a gaudy appearance at first sight which may seem hard to approach.

Even so, the a common personality trait residents in Aichi Prefecture have is to talk to people and get close to them. Please take into consideration of the meeting spots I have recommended for the bubbly people of Aichi Prefecture.

Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture in known for its delicious cuisines, it is also ranked as one of the places with the most convenient transportation. In this article, I would like to recommend some meet-up spots in Nagoya.


1. Golden Clock (Kin no Tokei)

Location Access
1 minute walk from Nagoya Station

(comments on Instagram) “This is the Golden Clock. It is said to be a popular meeting place.”

The golden clock is one of the iconic meeting spots in Nagoya, it is easy to locate so it will be hard to get lost. Since there are a lot of people around the area, it is a safe location to meet a stranger for the first time. There are a lot of shops around the area, which is ideal for killing time until meeting your date. But, since it is a famous spot, it may be hard to find your date amidst the crowd of people.

Map: Golden Clock (Kin no Tokei)


2. Kaki to Motsu no Gangan Yaki (Grilled oyster restaurant)

Location Access
1 minute walk from Nagoya Station to Meitetsu Department Store Rooftop

(comments on Instagram) “This is Nagoya’s department store sales data for the month March. A decline of approximately 30% is pretty bad. Especially Meitetsu Department store with a 46% decline in sales.”

Based on reviews, since the location is easily accessible and close to the train station, it’s a good meeting spot for both parties. There isn’t a lot of people around the area either, so it would be easy to find your date. You can reach the location immediately after getting off the elevator, so it would be easy to meet your date in front of the elevator. You can have a meal date together. But, the downside is that you can’t leave immediately if you don’t click with your date.
Map: Kaki to Motsu no Gangan Yaki (Grilled oyster restaurant)


3. Kanayama-sogo Station

Location Access
3 minutes by train from Nagoya Station

(comments on Instagram) “Happy New Year! We are starting the campaign early today on Wednesday! Today is a little different than the usual, we will start at 5p.m. Please feel free to drop by Kanayama-sogo Station.”

This is a a well-kept-secret spot. It is rarely used as a meeting spot, so there aren’t a lot of people around the area. The train station has a peculiar ambiance to it but not to the point of being extremely disturbing. Since it is indoors, you will not be affected by the weather and it is convenient to go for a meal after meeting up. The advantage of this location is that you will be able to easily access the location and utilize the public transportation. Albeit the location being good for a meet-up, there aren’t a lot of restaurant nearby. So, you will have to do some research and make reservations prior to the date.
Map: Kanayama-sogo Station


4. Tower Garden, Tower Terrace

Location Access
5 minute walk from Nagoya Station

(comments on Instagram) “JR Kyushu Sakurayaku Team. JR Tower Garden venue. I’ll watch from the front later.”

Tower Garden, Tower Terrace is a building in front of Nagoya Station. It is easily accessible from the train station so it would be hard to get lost. The location has a very natural atmosphere with an open air design and water fountains. On the flip side, this location is not suitable for bad weathers such as rainy days.
Map: Tower Garden, Tower Terrace

Toyohashi City in Aichi Prefecture

This location is more convenient if you have a car, but public transportation is good. There are also restaurants and bars, you can enjoy a meal with your date.

Here are some recommended meeting places.


5. Toyohashi Station East Exit Plaza

Location Access
Reach immediately after exiting Toyohashi City Station East Gate

(comments on Instagram) “Good morning! It is now 6 a.m and the temperature is 8C. The sun in shining brightly and the wind is blowing at Toyohashi Station. Let’s kick start the day with a stretch.”

The plaza is immediately accessible from Toyohashi Station East Gate, so you won’t get lost easily. On top of that, the train station is seldom busy so it will be easy to find your date. But, I would not recommend this location if you really like the person and want to spend time with them. This is because they can always excuse themselves and leave easily.
Map: Toyohashi Station East Exit Plaza


After looking through reviews, a lot of people usually meet up at the iconic meet-up spots. The disadvantage of this is that it will be hard to find your date even though you know their clothes and physical appearance beforehand. Therefore, a lot of the good advice given is to meet at a specific spot such as a restaurant.