Fukuoka Japan 7 Meetup Spots Recommendations


Fukuoka is the representative prefecture of the Kyushu Region. It is also known for producing a lot of celebrities in the entertainment industry. The residents are said to be sensitive to current trends and tend to have eye-catching appearances. Therefore, the people of Fukuoka are known for being noticeable and stick out.

One of the main characteristics of Fukuoka residents is their generous and bright personality, with an easy-going attitude. It is also said that the residents have prideful personalities and are known for their love for gaudy things and alcohol. A prefecture with a lot of handsome and beautiful people, I will introduce a few locations in Fukuoka to meet-up at.

Meet-up spots at Fukuoka City in Fukuoka

Fukuoka City is considered as the downtown area of Fukuoka. In this article, I will recommend a few meet-up spots in a place where people come and go.


1.In front of Fukuoka Sun Palace International Convention Center

Location Access
3 minute walk from the bus station Sun Palace International Convention Center stop

(comments on Instagram) “This is the front view from Sun Palace International Convention Centre. I’m looking forward to the Touken Ranbu sword exhibition.”

While the people of Fukuoka are warm-hearten people, they are not good at noticing the details. Therefore, I recommend this location as it is a big building and easily accessible. This is a popular building in the area with an eye-catching design.

Map: Fukuoka Sun Palace International Convention Center



Location Access
3 minute walk from Tenjin Metro Station

(comments on Instagram) “I had to go out today. This is the view of the front of Iwataya at 9 a.m.”

Iwataya is Fukuoka’s original department store. There are plants and benches in front of the department store, which is a good location when waiting for your date. Iwataya is also a good place to seek refuge at during rainy or snowy days. The down side is that, this is a well-known location for the locals in Fukuoka, but people who have just moved to Fukuoka might not know about this location.
Map: Iwataya


3.Tenjin Mitsukoshi Lion Square

Location Access
3 minute walk from JR train station or Nishitetsu bus Tenjin station stop

(comments on Instagram) “Hawk Festival 2019. This is the Lion Statue at Tenjin Mitsukoshi Lion Square.”

For first timers coming to Tenjin, they will immediately understand the location if this landmark is mentioned. The disadvantage of this location is that it’s slightly further away from the train station, so it might be hard to access during certain weather.

Map: Tenjin Mitsukoshi Lion Square


4.In front of Solaria Stage large screen

Location Access
30 second walk from Nishitetsu Tenshin Station

(comments on Instagram) “In front of the big screen, there is an advertisement panel and there is a bus stop in front of Solaria heading to Nishitetsu Tenshin Station, Solaria Stage and et cetera. ”

After exiting the train station, you will immediately see the TV screen when going down the escalator.

If you are unsure of where to meet, I definitely recommend this place as it is known by everyone. It is immediately accessible from Fukuoka’s major train stations, the Nishitetsu Tenshin Station.

You can also reach this location by going up the escalator from the Tenshin Underground Street.

If you are meeting with someone from Fukuoka, you can wait for them at the metal board in front of the plasma screen.

It is said that people of Fukuoka have mild and meek personality. It person standing next to the screen looks as if they are waiting for someone. You can meet-up with a lot of different people through social media sites and connect through apps. Doesn’t it look as if the pair of people have just met up with each other? It seems that everyone is having fun. The downside to this location is that since it is a classic meeting spot, it may be harder to find your date.
Map: Solaria Stage large screen


5.Starbucks Coffee JRJP Hakata Branch

Location Access
3 minute walk from Hakata Station/West Exit 17 (JR Sanyo Shinkansen)

(comments on Instagram) “Starbucks Coffee JRJP Hakata Station Building Branch is the sixth branch in Fukuoka. Since it’s Starbucks Reserve, the workers are all wearing black aprons.”

Starbucks in known by everyone so you can always ask for directions from a passerby.
You can drink a cup of coffee while waiting for your date if they’re a little late. Women can also enter the store without feeling awkward, so I would recommend this location.
Map: Starbucks Coffee JRJP Hakata Branch


6.Fukuoka Tower

Location Access
20 minutes by car from Hakata Station

(comments on Instagram) “I have fallen in love with Fukuoka Tower.”

I would recommend this as there is a sea near Hakata Station, which helps to create a good atmosphere. But, it is only convenient if you’re driving a car, or else you would have to take the taxi or bus from the train station.
Map: Fukuoka Tower


7.In front of the fountain from Hakata Station Chikushi Exit

Location Access
The square is accessible directly from Hakata Station Chikushi Exit

(comments on Instagram) “My usual meeting spot at Hakata Station isn’t working anymore since it’s so hot outside. The sun is burning.”

This spot is suitable as a meet-up spot as it is close to the station. The fountain is decorated with motifs inspired by the “Hakata Gion Yamakasa” festival, which is one of the most celebrated festivals in Hakata. The disadvantage of this location is that, since it is outdoors, it may not be suitable for certain weathers.
Map: Hakata Station


The people of Fukuoka tend to prefer places their are easy to understand and find. Since it is the city, most of the places are easily accessible and the people of Fukuoka do not mind crowds. Please use this article as a future reference.