Date in Asia.com Review


Date in Asia.com is a completely free online dating service. It has been in operation for at least more than 16 years. However, there is no information about the operation company or the developer for the service.

Date in Asia.com is targeting Asian dating, however, non asian members are able to join and use the service.

This service is reported to be popular in the Philippines, rumored to be used as “Asian Bride” service for western men who are looking for Aisan girlfriends and wives.

Date in Asia.com Verdict

Date in Asia.com is a dating site which is run by unknown people. Due to its free service condition, the service attracts all sorts of people.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reports of scammers as well as criminals such as pedophiles.

However, there are chances to meet legit members, but it would take time and risks.

It is wise to avoid to use this service without a lot of knowledge about safety of online dating. There are other online dating services in the market which might cost some but they look after their users safety.

Date in Asia.com Traffic

Traffic by Countries

[Oct, 26th, 2022]

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Average Monthly Traffic by Countries

[JUL-Sep, 2022]

US 930,653
Philippines 377,067
UK 350,367
Australia 289,846
Czech Republic 95,231
Others 923,533

As a dating site, Date in Asia.com has a steady number of members. However, since members are spread all over the world, it would be difficult to find a partner near you.

How to take a look at Date in Asia.com

By clicking the bottom sign, people are able to browse Date in Asia.com members instantly without registering.

The initial glance would give an impression of truly international users, they are living all over the world. Majority of female members are indeed from the Philippines.

From a quick look, the age range is also very wide, it’s from 20s to nearly 60s.

How to Join

Joining Date in Asia.com is very easy. People need an email address and create a password.

Date in Asia.com is compatible for diverse sexial preference dating.

There are enough users with different gender identities.

Now is the time to complete the profile page.

Users have to upload at least one photo.

People need to use clear photos.

They erase others faces automatically and detect one face.

Now it’s time to confirm the email.

People would see an email from them with a link to confirm.

Now, the singing process is complete and people can have full access.

How to use

Operating Date in Asia.com is very easy. Users can use search functions to narrow down users. People can like other people’s profiles the same as other major dating services.

Also, by visiting others’ profiles, users can leave footprints as visitors.

People are able to see mutual likes as well by clicking the icon on the top menu.

From the Message on the top menu bar, people can exchange messages. This is free of charge as well.

People can send messages from other’s profile pages as well by typing it in the yellow box.

The pagentage of getting replies on Date in Asia.com is very very high.

Date in Asia.com Shout Function

Shout Function of Date in Asia.com works as if a textboard Internet forum. People can post things freely.

There are several chat groups.

There are also video / livestream rooms.

Here users can join the live stream itself or chat or just watch the livestream.

Users are creating some sort of communities here on Date in Asia.com.

The rules are also very loose, but they do have moderators.

Some people are UJing.

Premium Service

Date in Asia.com does not offer any paying services.


Date in Asia.com does not provide an app service.

Google Play

Google would show this app when people look for an app for Date in Asia.com. However, this app has a second name. This is not the same service as Date in Asia.com.

Their full name is https://dateinasia.innovatedating.com/
They are different!

It is very deceiving.

App Store

Apple App Store also does not have any result for Date in Asia.com.

Their mobile site works well, so maybe there is no need for an app version.

How to delete an account on Date in Asia.com

From the Setting on the More section on the menu bar, users can see “delete my account”

At the bottom of the page.

Users need to put their passwords for the last time to delete their accounts.

One more reassurance.

Then it is done.

Date in Asia.com relating Service Oyoy.com


The Asia.com operator also runs a new service called Oyoy. People can jump to this service from the More section on the menu bar.

Social Media

Date in Asia.com unusually does not have any social media icons on their site.


There is a private group under the same name on Facebook. There are a lot of members, and it has been active for about two years. There is no indication of connection to the Date in Asia.com.


This is Date in Asia.com Twitter official account. However, there are no activities.

This happens to be another similar service to Date in Asia.com.


This is a different service from Date in Asia.com. Although, They are very similar!


Dating in Asia does not have a Youtube channel.

Interestingly, there are a lot of reviews about Date in Asia.com on Youtube. Some of the videos have a lot of views. Some of the videos are very old as well.

This video was about his experience meeting people using Date in Asia.com.

He was rude but honest in this video, but in the end, he got scammed.

On youtube, the similar service http://www.dateinasia.us/ also got mixed up with https://www.dateinasia.com/.

There are only two videos about https://www.dateinasia.com/. They were both by cucasian male users who were looking for Asian female partners.

https://www.dateinasia.com/ is a free service thus they do not offer affiliate service, people would not get money creating videos for this dating service. Therefore, there are not a lot of content about the service.


It is so unusual for a dating service to not have any activities on instagram. Date in Asia.com does not have an Instagram account. They do not even have an official hashtag.


There are several threads on Reddit about Date in Asia.com. The oldest one is about 16 years old. Thus Date in Asia.com has been in operation for at least 16 years or more.

The second popular thread is about a female user who asked this 60 years old male user to open an account for a virtual currency.

He went to the Philippines to meet other female users who he met on Date in Asia.com. He reported to be successful to meet some good members.

Date in Asia.com Online Reviews


According to sitejabber, the biggest issue on Date in Asia.com would be that they are terminating people’s accounts for no reason.


According to trustpilot, there are a lot of scammers, as well as unannounced account terminations are the major issues of Date in Asia.com.

Mainstream Media

Date in Asia.com does not have a single mention on Mainstream Media.