Clover.co Scammer Review


Clover.co is an app only dating service which has been in operation since 2014. It was developed in Canada. Now, the service mainly targets users in Canada and the USA. Although the app operates internationally.

During the pandemic, Clover was reported to gain more popularity and now they are expanding its service to the live streaming service. Moreover, they sccessfully gained more capital from FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp.

Clover.co mainly focuses on Gen Z and Millennials generation.

Clover.co Scammer Verdict

It would be impossible to not have scammers in any dating services. Clover.co obviously has scammers. Users would more likely see a lot of inappropriate photos on this service. It is very unpleasant to browse users here. Clover.co does not have any functions or systems to filter and check those somewhat offensive photos, unlike other dating services.

Users’ photos seem genuent, none of them hit any results after Google image search. But people on Clover.co can use any photos, even non-human ones to hide behind.

Clover.co offers a video function thus it is safer to start meeting people face to face to be sure. People can also meet people by joining or starting live streaming and creating chat threads. This way, people can avoid scammers.

People report that some users would take their clothes off during their live stream for some financial incentives. There are also some warnings pop ups before joining some of them.

So, it is safer to say that Clover.co is not really a dating site for the younger generation as they are stating on main media, but it might be changing to a site where people take off their clothes to make quick money during live streams.

Clover.co Traffic

Main Traffic is in US.
Users enjoy watching live stream, but they seems not willing to meet up.

Traffic by Countries

[Jan, 15th, 2023]

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Average Monthly Traffic by Countries

[Oct-Dec, 2023]

US 33,737
Ethiopia 2,934
India 2,693
Canada 2,222
Australia 1,837
Others 4,675

Clover.co User Variety

Clover.co honestly has a very strange mixture of users.

A lot of female users would use provocative images. They are not professionally taken ones however, some profile photos are NOT showing true likeness of members.

Some users would use animal pictures. Clover seems to accept any images thus it would be convenient for people who want to be anonymous.

The Clover has a wide range racial of diversity.

It is inappropriate to use photos of minors on dating services. It’s illegal. Clover surely does not have a function to detect those unsuitable photos. This shows their questionable operation. This also indicates that there might be pedophiles amongst users.

She is in her 30s. Her photo did not hit any results on google.

Why would you share a vaping photo?

There are some older members. As Clover targets younger generation, older users would face some difficulties.

She is in her 40s, she is a teacher.

Another semi provocative image.

Amongst female suggestions, there is this male user, with a very questionable photo.

This photo hit some results but it was because the flame was widely used on social media.

It is very difficult to be a scammer on live streams.

This live streamer is a gamer, she might be better off doing this on some other sites. She has about 25 viewers.

Dark lighting and some photo filters seem to be popular so they can disgust themselves a bit.

Clover.co Scammer Prevention

Clover.co offers some advice on how to avoid those scammers. They are simple and basic.

Online Scammer Report

Social Catfish

According to this article, Clover.co users should be careful with users such as minors who would lie about their age, young females who sell their Snapchat Premium accounts, and Nigerian males who pretend to be in the military.

They also state that when a person who wants to move too fast, this could be the sign of romance fraud. For example, a person would want to move to different counties to start a relationship.

Another typical one would be recent widows to get some sympathy.


On reddit, one person posted about his scammer encounter. He was accidentally communicating with a minor.