BiCupid.com Customer Support Review


BiCupid.com is a niche targeting dating app which was created in 2003. They are a part of SuccessfulMatch.com who also runs several very interestingly targeted dating services.

SuccessfulMatch.com and its CEO Qiang Du have been having some legal issues over the years of the operation. They have been ordered to pay quite a large sum of money as compensation for their wrong doings.

Despite all those problems, SuccessfulMatch.com has been growing their business.

How to contact BiCupid.com Customer Support Representative

It is very easy to find the contact details of BiCupid.com Customer Support Representative. All their contact information is on this page.

People can also use [email protected].

People can simply fill in this form.
Personally, I contacted them using [email protected]

However, I did not get any reply.

Online Presence

Google Play

BiCupid.com Customer Support Representatives are very active on Google App Store. They regularly reply to posted reviews. Their replies are customized to each review post.

App Atore

BiCupid.com Customer Support Representatives are also very active on the Apple App Store. They even reply to positive reviews.

Online Review

Amazingly, it is very hard to find negative comments about BiCupid.com Customer Support Representatives online. Thus it is safe to say that they are doing their job very well.

There is one stating that they are hard to come by to help but the BiCupid.com Customer Support Representatives replied to this message as well to contact them at [email protected].

However, [email protected] did not exist. The email came back.

BiCupid.com Customer Support Verdict

BiCupid.com Customer Support is easy to find. They have a very strong online presence. It was not so easy to find negative posts about their support.

However, one of their email addresses is not working. I personally did not get any reply from them.

Thus, the best way to get hold of them would be leaving a comment online because BiCupid.com customer support representatives are very much active there.