Is PartyChat app Worth to Use?

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PartyChat is a Japanese free chat app, most of users are Japanese. There is no English version.

PartyChat is a completely free app. It’s handy for people who want to make Japanese friends, and chat in Japanese.

PartyChat Overview

free app
popular app
about 30000 member
good reviews
about 21600 reviews
under 18 cannot resister


How to start

1. download
Android ver.
2. agree the Terms of Use
3. input profile(*1)
-your picture
-your gender
-your age
-your residence
-App can be able to use without 3.
-However, person with no profile tends to be easily unpopular.
-Input profile is strongly recommended.

How to Unsubscribe

1. profile
2. gear symbol right above
3. subscribe
4. subscribe again
-after being asked “Do you really subscribe?”

Advantage & Desadvantage

Good Points

  1. totally free app
  2. people of all ages
  3. many young women
    – Most of them are Japanese.
  4. easily start and use it
  5. identification, phone number, and Facebook are unneeded

Bad Points

  1. need to see videos sometimes
    -if searching or seeing other’s profile a lot
  2. some bad-mannered users
    -They can be blocked or reported as the pictures.(*2)
    -However, usually there are some.
    -This can be one of the reasons women are gone from this app.
    -In addition, you can be easily misunderstood because of sucks.
  3. Some inactive users
    -Some people left the account, but have gone.
  4. Few male users are cheating other men as they imitate women.
  5. Advertisements

(*2) How to be reported and blocked

Touch Talk on the bottom middle.

Open the chat room
-User Name: Taku
-Chat time: Today, 22:49
-Let’s make love~
Touch Block

Choose the reason for report.
-inappropriate post
-Spam, annoying post
-Click bait to other HP, to use for job
-Other cheating

Reported to AppMaster(customer support)!
-Detailed information is needed to solve complicated problem.
-Do you also report it in detail?

Chat room to person is erased after block.

After Block…The chat room was erased.

List of Chat rooms


-If AppMaster noticed it, you may be unable to use anymore.
-Do not post naked body on your post.
-You may be reported.


Good Reviews

-Really recommended one! Try it!
-It is good except of people using for job.
-Can kill the time.
-Easy to use.
-I feel it is fun~.
-Can talk with many people.
-A lot of gorgeous girls!
-I always use it!
-God app
-Happy that many men come to chat.
-The best!
-Faithful people are unexpectedly there.

Bad Reviews

-Saw a bunch of people thinking only making love lol
-Cannot get replies.
-Still so so.
-Please update the bug which does not work well.
-Chat rooms are limited unless giving five stars.
-Advertisements are annoying. Do advertisers think if they are pushy? Too fool lol


-Thank you always.
-Support for IOS9 was over.
-Improved the performance
-Best Regards,
-Thank you always.
-Improved the performance
-Best Regards,

How to Search

1. check the bottom Home, Search, Talk, Notification, and profile from left side
2. touch Search
3. touch magnifying glass symbol


4. choose the gender from left side, men, women, unset
5. choose the age of people you want to search
6. choose the area of people to search
-The are unset, one of Japanese 47 areas such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, overseas
7. touch Search
8. You can see searched people on Search

How to send a message


2.their room if you want to talk or see more detail


3.Talk to this user, red and white sentence

-name: ~~
-Kanagawa, 24, woman
-I have found person who can love dramatically for a long time.
I want to know what type do you like…
4. input messages
5. enter Send

How to Reply or Check Messages

1. touch Talk
2. Some messages can be seen

-after sending or receiving them
-cannot see them if you are blocked

How to see Footprints

1. touch Notification at the bottom
2. touch Footprints at the top right

-Can check who saw your profile
-They are active users.

-can see their picture, nickname, residence, age, gender
-cannot see if they did not resister the profile

Your Profile

1. touch Profile at the bottom left
-Check it can be seen just in case.
2. touch Profile setting on the top
3. corrects it if needed
4. save



1. touch Home at the bottom right
2. Can see post

-Poster tends to kill time.
-Can reply for them.
-You can also post.


Name: “Sesame”
Posting time: 44 seconds before
Profile: no-setting
-I took bath.
Name: I am kind of slut
Posting time: 47 seconds before
Profile: 20 years, woman
-I used the app, Snow.
Isn’t it incredible?
I feel it is scary if the plain woman using Snow.
How to see Notice
1. touch Notification at the bottom
2. touch Notice at the top left
-I just could saw “The Notice has been not yet.”
About current status to use app in Japan
-They are more populare compared to before.
-Younger tend to use it.
-Some people make boyfriend or girlfriend from it.
-In addition, some got marriage. The first communication is from the app.
-I know such a few couples.
-It has high possibilities that more usual or natural to use.
Note after use
-There are a lot of active users as post or footprints.
-Women’s purpose is different depending on the person.
-People with no profile tend to be goon.
-Some people uninstalled it for saying nothing.
It is usual.
-It is more casual compared to ones cost because totally free.
-I was not compelled to give five stars for app to make more chat rooms.
However, there are such reviews.
-Advertisements, especially videos are a little annoying.
-It may be better to speak Japanese as much as possible even using free translation online.
-Most Japanese can hardly speak English in this PartyChat app.
-As a result, they ignore English messages even if it were easy speaking.
-Even some Tinder users ignore if it were English.