A Strategic Way of Getting More Likes on Pairs

You might have noticed it is harder to date a girl through the dating app than you expected. Men on dating apps have a huge disadvantage than girls on dating apps. If you are a not popular guy, it’s better to consider a strategic way of texting and matching girls.
Especially, if you are trying to date someone in Japan for a short period of time, this article might be helpful for you. Therefore, I am going into depth on why men have a disadvantage on dating apps so that you can come up with a strategic idea of matching girls.

Difference between the number of female and male

【March 17 2019】


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According to official Pairs blog, the ratio of boys and girls in Pairs is 6 to 4. Based on numerical evidence, this is already proven that girls have more advantages in dating apps than men. Men probably need to hustle more since there are way more competitors than girls. For men, it might be better to come up with a way of texting girls or putting attractive photos on the profile.

Different price setting

Pairs Fee

Fee Male
Credit Card
One Month JPY3,480 FREE

In Japan, the dating apps typically offer girls a free premium membership since less female users register the apps. Pairs is one of the dating apps taking advantage of the ratio between males and females. Pairs charges only male users to pay for the premium membership. Girls have less effort to start finding a guy on dating apps. Male users might need to consider either paying for the premium memberships or using free dating apps you can text girls for free. However, using free dating apps represents that there are higher competition and more scammers than Pairs. The premium membership plan will be higher percentages of dating girls in Tokyo.

The number of likes between female and male

Since Pairs shows us the number of likes on both their app and website, I’ve been researching how much the female user gets likes from male users on Pairs. I put two graphs below. One is the average likes female users receive, and another one is the average likes male users receive. Please make sure this data is based on how much likes users get within a month.

Female users

0~100 likes 80% of female users
101~200 likes 15%
201~500 likes 5%
More than 500 likes 1%

Male users

0~30 likes 90% of male users
0~50 likes 5%
More than 50 likes 5%

Now, you might know how hard male users get likes while female users get a ton of likes. You do not want to give up finding a partner although you are not getting any likes for one or two weeks. This is a totally normal thing for guys, so just keep looking and updating your profile. If you are traveling to Japan, I recommend you to change the location setting before you travel here.

What to do now?

Since you cannot change the attitude of girls, first, you need to change yourself or do something to get more likes. It requires you to come up with strategic ideas. Coming up with the ideas also takes your time and effort. It might be hard to maintain your motivation. But don’t worry, I came up with ideas you can try right now. These are three things you should try on Pairs.

Writing your profile

If you are a non-native Japanese speaker, don’t worry about your grammar mistakes. You can write your profile either in English or Japanese. The important thing is the profile does not have to be professional or expert, but just be real and authentic. I see usually a lot of male users writing about job, and hobbies. You could also target keywords with your profile. Some girls might find you through the words on your profile. Therefore, writing more words would save your time and money because you can find your partner faster than other competitors.

Send a like with message

There is a feature you can use on this app. It’s called “Send a like with message”. Literally, you can like someone with your message. In your “Ashiato”, you can check who visited your profile. You will have more chance to get likes from those girls since they are interested in you. The girl might like you back and keep chatting with you!

Use Community Effectively

Unfortunately, a lot of Japanese people are not a great English speaker. Speaking English is totally unnecessary and a lot of foreign products are even translated into Japanese. If you have zero ability to speak Japanese, you might not want to use Pairs app. I am sure Japanese girls will do their best to communicate with you if the girl likes you a lot. In spite of these girls trying to text you, you have fewer advantages than Japanese males. But, here is good news for you. In Pairs, you can search for a community to find English speakers. You can just type “英語” means English in Japanese. You can find so many communities relate to English. I would choose to join the most popular community which is called “英語を喋りたい! 英語を喋れるようになりたい!”.
This community is about girls and boys looking for someone to speak English with. Also, it says there are 6705 girls out of 13626 in this community. The ratio of boys and girls is a lot better comparing to the ratio and showed you above. You might be able to get more matches once you join this community. A good thing about the community is that the app suggests you girls living close to your location. All you need to do is to find a girl you like and wait til she likes you back.